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Hyperacusis is an over-sensitivity to certain sound frequencies and often occurs in combination with tinnitus. I’ve had mild Tinnitus and it went away by doing this, luckily me being a hobbyist of pressure point cure helped me, I know first hand how. This simple technique recently discovered by scientists at leading medical universities is the best way to permanently silence the noise blaring inside your ears.
6 May 2012 by Heiko Lade 4 Comments Tinnitus or ringing in the ears affects millions of people and there is little that western medicine can offer to help.
The constant barrage of sound can be really emotionally debilitating and draining for the patient. Acupuncture for tinnitus has been researched throughout the western world and already by 1998 Swedish researchers found that acupuncture was found to yield immediate relief, both in terms of loudness and disturbance of the tinnitus with only 15 treatments. In 2008 Turkish researchers concluded that electro-acupuncture stimulation was a useful method to improve the quality of life of patients with tinnitus.
More recently Dr Susan E Shore of Michigan University in her research on tinnitus has found that acupuncture when used to treat the nerves in the neck can benefit people suffering from tinnitus. John Kennedy of The Acupuncture Clinic in Masterton says “The results of this  research from Dr Shore is not surprising.
Acupuncture for tinnitus and Chinese herbs for tinnitus has been used for centuries and is a safe and non evasive treatment. Patients seeking help in the treatment of tinnitus using acupuncture and Chinese herbs need to be thoroughly diagnosed according to a traditional Chinese medical criterion which includes pulse and tongue diagnosis.
About Heiko LadeHi, I'm Heiko Lade - qualified acupuncturist at The Acupuncture Clinic in Napier, New Zealand. I recently underwent an MRI and have now fond the slight occasional ringing in my ears is now more pronounced especially with watching tab and sleeping. Posted August 24th, 2015 by Ingri Boe-Wiegaard & filed under Back Pain, Digestion, Insomnia, Pain Relief, Wellness.
Don’t let jet lag ruin the end of a great vacation — Acupuncture helps you feel like flying again! Acupuncture is based on the theory that Qi, the body’s motivating energy, flows in a 24 hour cycle. News Corp is a network of leading companies in the worlds of diversified media, news, education, and information services. Some 50 million Americans at least occasionally experience tinnitus, pronounced tin-EYE-tus or TIN-i-tus. Joanna, a 46 year-old female, has been feeling numbness into her feet for the past month.  She felt uncomfortable to drive and walk because of decreased sensation at both feet.
Because people with chronic polyneuropathy often lose their ability to sense temperature and pain, they can burn themselves and develop open sores as the result of injury or prolonged pressure. Joints are particularly vulnerable to stress in people with polyneuropathy because they are often insensitive to pain. One of the most serious polyneuropathies is Guillain-Barre syndrome, a rare disease that strikes suddenly when the body’s immune system attacks nerves in the body. Surgical intervention if needed can provide immediate relief when symptoms are caused by compression or entrapment injuries.
Peripheral Nerve- numbness, tingling, ants climbing, glove and stock distribution, cold extremities, foot drop, decreased knee and ankle reflex, no sweating,  sometimes, feels weakness and muscle atrophy.
Lower Extremity: St 31 Bi Guan, St 34 Liang Qiu, GB 31 Feng Shi,  St 36 Zu San Li, St 41 Jie Xi, and extra points Ba Feng.
Many patients may have depression and low energy, therefore, the points on the Brain are very important, I usually choose: Du 21Bai Hui, Si Sheng Chong, GB 8 Shuai Gu, Tai Yang,  Du 23 Shang Xing, Ying Tang, etc.
For Coldness at feet and hands, I also choose Ren 4 Guan Yuan, Ren 6 Qi Hai, UB 20 Pi Shu, UB 23 Shen Shu. For GI symptom, such as: bloating, abdominal pain, diarrhea and constipation, St 36 Zu San Li, St 37 Shang Ju Xu,  St 39 Xia Ju Xu, Ren 12 Zhong Wan,  PC 6 Nei Guan, UB 21 Wei Shu and UB 20 Pi Shu. Joanna underwent my treatment 3 x per week for 4 weeks, she first felt less burning pain, and a steadier gait, but she still felt numbness and tingling sensation in both feet.
You should always wear white socks, if you have any wound in your feet, you will find it right away by checking your socks.
Clean and check your feet with mirror every day, you will find the wound and take care of it right away.
Keep balance training, you will keep your balance much better with the progress of peripheral Polyneuropathy. Using plum – blossom needle to tap the feet around the plantar feet may also receive good result. As many of you may know, I went to West Africa for medical mission trip with my son, Jimmy Xu, a medical student, Elizabeth Cooper, my office administrator, Nataliya Kushta, my physical therapy assistant and 8 other non-medical personnel from a local church in Bridgeport between May 18 and June 2, 2013. With the help of the local churches in US and Africa,  we went to two countries,  Senegal and  Guinea Bissau, traveled around 800 miles, stayed in three cities, Dakar, Kedougou in Senegal and Bissau in Guinea Bissau. For 400 miles on one trip between the two countries, we went through 19 check points like this. We bought hams, chicken, cheese from Costco, freeze them, and brought to Africa with this blue ice box.
We have seen total 2,420 patients,  we treated 450 patients in one day once, which exhausted our energy.
We set up a tent in the leprosy village, another small tent was put inside the tent, the temperature was around 120F, therefore, we were unable to check the body temperature of patients. My heart was broken, we gave  the children our lunch, they grabbed the food with their unwashed hand. This child was crying when he ate, he may not eat this kind of food for one to two months as the local people told me. We went to a remote village to deliver medical care and food.  We took 4 wheel drive truck to cross  the jungle and river bank to the village. We went to the village and gave out food to the local people.   We brought to each family of  a bag of rice 50 kg and vegetable oil for total  about 310 families in different villages. The village chief is the richest man in the village and he has 4 wives, I took pictures of him and his hut.
Sandy, a 45 year-old woman, complained of bilateral hand and wrist pain on-and-off for many years. Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) is a chronic, long-term disease that causes pain, stiffness, swelling and limited motion and function of many joints. Rheumatoid arthritis affects the wrist and the small joints of the hand, including the knuckles and the middle joints of the fingers.
Diagnosis of RA depends on the symptoms and results of a physical exam, such as warmth, swelling and pain in the joints.
Common DMARDs include methotrexate (brand names include Rheumatrex® and Folex®), leflunomide (Arava), hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil) and sulfasalazine (Azulfidine).
Patients with more serious disease may need medications called biologic response modifiers or “biologic agents.” They can target the parts of the immune system and the signals that lead to inflammation and joint and tissue damage.
It is important to be physically active most of the time, but to sometimes scale back activities when the disease flares. When you feel better, do low-impact aerobic exercises, such as walking, and exercises to boost muscle strength.
Mary has perimenopausal syndrome (PMS), which usually happens to women at age of around 45 years-old, however, each individual might have different experiences as some athletes start perimenopausal syndrome as early as 30 years-old with other women as late as age 60. Menopause is caused by the cessation of ovarian function.  The ovary is a pair of reproductive glands in women. The ovaries are the main source of female hormones, which control the development of female body characteristics such as the breasts, body shape, and body hair.
Estrogen replacement therapy was a widely recommended treatment for menopausal symptoms as well as in the prevention of osteoporosis and heart disease.
Systemic estrogen replacement therapy (ERT) affects your entire body and reverses the effect of low estrogen. Help prevent postmenopausal osteoporosis by slowing bone loss and promoting some increase in bone density. Estrogen replacement therapy (ERT) may increase the risk of health problems in a small number of women.
In rare cases, an increased growth of preexisting uterine fibroids or a worsening of endometriosis. Some of these side effects, such as headaches, nausea, fluid retention, weight gain, and breast tenderness, may go away after a few weeks of use. Supplements, herbs and botanicals like black cohosh, evening primrose oil, and flaxseed are thought to relieve menopausal symptoms. Acupuncture treatment has long been used for perimenopausal symptoms (PMS), most Traditional Chinese Medicine physicians believe kidney deficiency is the main pathological cause for PMS. Main points: Ren 4 Guan Yuan, Ren 3  Zhong Ji, Ren 19 Zi Gong,  Sp 6 San Ying Jiao, Ht 7 Shen Men, Du 20 Bai Hui,  Liv 3 Tai Cong, Pc 6 Nei Guan, Ren 17 Tan Zhong, GB 29 Ju Liao, and GB28 Wei Dao. Research evidence showed that  PMS symptom was improved with decreased FSH, LF and increased E2 and endorphins level. Acupuncture and many Chinese herb formulas have been used to effectively adjust the hormone level, the most important herbs are  Bai Sa sheng, Mai Men Dong, Dan Gui, Di Huang, Gou Ji, Chuan Lian Zi, Ye  Jiao Teng, etc.  The formula prescribed depends on the diagnostic type of Chinese Medicine,  each individual is different from other, therefore, no one formula can be used for all the  patients without modification. If it is possible, you should drink Chinese herb tea, which should be prescribed by physician who had really training. Chose some scalp points, such as Du 20 Bai Hui, GB 20 Feng Chi, Du 16 Feng Fu, GB 8 Shuai Gu, even Extra-point Tai Yang, will be very helpful.
Try to use Chinese herbs to help, such as Gou Ji, Chuan Lian Zi, Yu Zhu, Shi Fu, let patient use them as tea. Stress reduction treatment is very important, the points in the liver meridian should be chosen, such as Liv 3 Tai Chong, Kid 3 Tai Xi, etc. Like most people in Western countries, Michelle, a 50 year old woman, loved to sun bathe for many years.  She gradually discovered that her skin appeared to have an increasing amount of dark spots as she began to age. In order to understand the formation of hyperpigmentation and wrinkles, we have to understand the skin structure and related modern research. The outermost layer is the epidermis, which is made up of mainly dead, hardened skin cells that protect the body from outside elements. The next layer is the dermis, which contains a kind of tissue called collagen, as well as fibers and elastin that gives skin its elasticity. The innermost layer is the hypodermis, which is made of mostly fat that absorbs water to make the skin tissue nourished. Many forms of hyperpigmentation are caused by an excess production of melanin by melanocytes at the epidermis. The outermost layer of cells divide more slowly in older skin, making the epidermis thinner and lack the ability to hold moisture, which leads to fine lines in the skin’s surface. During this time, fat starts to disappear from the skin’s deepest layers, the hypodermis, which leads to sagging. The Chinese approach to beauty has always been identified as being within.  In other words, beauty stems from what’s on the inside.
Facial treatment: Chinese method focus on the layer of dermis, improve collagen and elastin production, increase muscle tone and dermal contraction by inserting needles to directly stimulate the productive cells of dermis. Treatment with herbs and acupuncture is not only substantially less expensive than a traditional surgical face-lift, but much safer. Michelle’s symptoms are very common among the middle age women approaching menopause with various complaints of body discomforts, wrinkles, dryness, and dark spots on the skin.  Acupuncture and Chinese herbs not only treat the root of skin aging, but also make the patient feel good. By taking her pulse and collecting all the info including her diet, appetite, sleep, daily activity, digestion, urinary and bowel movement, and observing her tongue, Michelle was diagnosed of deficiency of Liver blood and kidney Qi, stagnation of Liver Qi and Blood, therefore, we took the following steps to help her. After three months of treatment, her skin became more delicate and fair, and there are fewer wrinkles, less sagginess, and a clearing of aging spots. There are many ingredients that are believed to reduce sun damage, increase collagen production and exfoliate the skin. If you are interested in acupuncture facial rejuvenation,  please call our office at 203-637-7720 to make an appointment. The type of ringing can vary between individuals, anything from a faint high pitched sound to a sound described as ocean waves rolling. I use acupuncture points to relieve neck tension as well as gua sha on the neck itself often with an immediate improvement in the tinnitus sound intensity.
Sometimes acupuncture points under the ear lobe are selected in the treatment of tinnitus and other times acupuncture points on the arms and legs are chosen.
Practitioner Heiko Lade  at The Acupuncture Clinic in Napier and John Kennedy in Masterton have all been assessed by the New Zealand Register of Acupuncturists Inc and are competent in all aspects of traditional Chinese medical diagnosis and treatment. If you would like to make an appointment for a consultation and treatment, please contact me. Find a good book and get totally lost in the pages, listen to white noises; static on the radio not one of them.
After coming home from traveling, the insomnia, fatigue, disturbed digestion and a loss of appetite can really make you wish for another vacation!
The body’s functions are tied into this, much the same as the biological clock recognized by Western medicine. Certain organs are more easily affected by changes in time zones, with those associated with sleep, digestion and bowel function the most likely to be affected. In trying to readjust, people often carry out activities, such a eating, exercising or sleeping at a different time than the one dictated by their body clock.
The body always feels nice and relaxed afterwards allowing you to have a really good night’s sleep. Frank Scalera, a 42-year-old pipefitter in New York, had tinnitus ever since a firecracker blew out his eardrum at age 15. Though less common, diabetes can also cause mononeuropathy, often characterized by weakness of the eye or of the thigh muscles.
If the nerves serving the organs are involved, diarrhea or constipation may result, as well as loss of bowel or bladder control.
Such surgery would be to repair a herniated disc relieving pressure on the nerve.  Other examples or surgery would be if a tumor was impinging a nerve or if the nerve entrapment is a result or constricting ligaments or tendons. However, acupuncture is a very good tool to alleviate the symptom of tingling, numbness, loss of sensation in the hands and feet and burning, pins and needles sensation.
After two weeks of treatment she started to feel warmth in both feet, she could sleep better.

As long as the patients complained of fever, we would give out antibiotics to treat their infections.
After we threw all the bones of chicken, beef, and pork into a garbage can,  the children picked up the bones and started to eat. One day I saw a chief of the leprosy village, he claimed he had hypertension, I agreed to give him medicine “Benicar” 20mg once a day for 30 days.
I went to three schools established by Pastor Otavia, who provided free education and free lunch to more than 400 students. Your name will also be plagued on the wall at the entrance of the school  if your donation is more than $500 and if you are not against us to do so.  However, any amount is welcome. Recently for a month now, she felt both hands had constant pain and were tender, warm and swollen.  She woke up with morning stiffness that may last for hours and felt firm bumps of tissue under her both forearm accompanied with fatigue, mild fever and gradually weight loss. While RA can affect any joint, the small joints in the hands and feet tend to be involved most often.
This means that certain cells of the immune system attack healthy tissues — the joints in RA, cause the inflammation in the synovium, the tissue that lines the joint. Periods of increased disease activity, called flares, alternate with periods of relative remission — when the swelling and pain fade or disappear.
Thus, patients with a diagnosis of RA should begin their treatment with disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs — referred to as DMARDs. Older DMARDs include gold, given as a pill — auranofin (Ridaura) — or more often as an injection into a muscle (such as Myochrysine). It has no side effects and can be combined with traditional western medicine to relieve your symptoms. Feet: St 45 Li Dui, St 44 Neiting, Sp 1 Yin Bai, Sp 2 Da Du Sp3 Tai Bai, Sp 4 Gong SunUB 66 Zu Tong Gu, UB 65 Zhi Yin, UB 65 Shu Gu. I first try to decrease her pain at the joints and body with the points of group 1 and 2 , then, I used the group 3 and 4 points to help her to improve her fatigue and depression, after about 2 month’s treatment, Sandy was put on maintenance treatment program once a week for 4 weeks, and she  felt much improved. Multiple Therapies are the best way to treat RA with combination of medicine, PT and Acupuncture. She was offered to take low dose birth control pills, or maybe estrogen replacement.  She was afraid of the side effects of birth control pills and estrogen replacement, therefore, she comes to me for alternative treatment. The menopausal transition starts with varying menstrual cycle length and ends with the final menstrual period. If the ring falls out at any time during the 3-month treatment period, you may rinse it with lukewarm water and reinsert it. It is used to treat women’s hormone-related symptoms, including premenstrual syndrome (PMS), menstrual cramps, and menopausal symptoms. Ear Needles: Main Points, kidney, endocrine, sub-cortex, plus sheng meng, jiao gan, , liver, heart, spleen, etc.
However, Mary’s symptom also indicated liver yin deficiency, Liv 3 Tai Cong, UB 18 Gan Shu, Kid 3 Tai Xi were added to the treatment plan. She also complained of deeper wrinkles appearing on her upper lip, in the corner of her eyes, side of her mouth and nasolabial folds deepening with constant dryness of the skin that lacked shine. Wrinkles are accelerated by habitual facial expressions, aging, sun damage, smoking, poor hydration, and various other factors. Besides the above mentioned causes, UV lights are the main reason to stimulate melanocyte activity; therefore, it is necessary to avoid excessive exposure to sun.
As we age, skin loses its ability to defend itself against the sun, smoking and the environment.
In fact, 90 percent of the premature skin ageing wrinkles is from excessive exposure to the sun, not from the normal process of aging. Smoking damages the skin’s collagen which causes inflammation and leaves telltale lines around the mouth.
As early as the Sung Dynasty (960AD-1270AD), Acupuncturists have employed rejuvenation practices for the Empress and other court subjects. The pulse will be maintained to identify any excess or deficiency of internal organs, such as the liver, kidney, heart, spleen and lung. The essence transformed from daily intake through our digestion system is carried to the face by normal meridians transportation. Acupuncture will not provide an overnight solution; the improvement is subtle and occurs over time. The treatment is risk free from potential dangerous side effects such as numbness, scarring, swelling, discoloration, and even disfigurement. Although it is diluted to control its potency, with frequent use, it is possible for systemic toxicity resulting from accidental injection. Facial Guasha: by using a flat tool to slowly rub the face in order to reduce the wrinkles and increase the blood supply to the area.
Bob, I tried the acupressure points for tinnitus I found on You Tube for a week before I got my CD. Treatment of the neck with acupuncture to relax the cervical muscles is very important in so many conditions including dizziness and migraines“. There are many different Chinese herbs that can be used for tinnitus depending on the cause of tinnitus. It can be high or low, single or multi-toned, an occasional mild annoyance or a constant personal din. Ten surgeries have helped restore his hearing and reduce the ringing he's heard for 30 years. Her husband found her right foot bleeding, however, Joanna reports never feeling that she stepped on anything.
Peripheral neuropathy can be inherited caused by genetic code mutations, with Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease being the most common inherited peripheral neuropathy.  Other identified causes include traumatic injuries, infections, alcohol abuse, external pressure on nerves, nutritional deficiency, metabolic problems or toxin exposure. Early symptoms include weakness, tingling, and loss of sensation in the legs that eventually spreads to the arms. After finishing 4 weeks of treatment she walked much better, and she drove smooth and steady.
For some reasons,  the fee was negotiable, because the governments  often do not pay their employees, therefore, the officers have to make money from us. All my team members paid our  own travel expenses including air fare, local transportation, room and food.
He returned on the second day with an empty package and told me that he took all the medicine.
Vincent Camuto, one of my patients, has already donated $10,000 to us, which is a great help. She visited her PCP and was given naproxen to reduce her inflammation and pain, however, she felt no improvement. Stiffness for a long time in the morning is a clue that you may have RA, since few other arthritic diseases behave this way. FDA-approved drugs of this type include abatacept (Orencia), adalimumab (Humira), anakinra (Kineret), certolizumab (Cimzia), etanercept (Enbrel), golimumab (Simponi) infliximab (Remicade), rituximab (Rituxan) and tocilizumab (Actemra). Proper care requires the expertise of a team of providers, including rheumatologists, primary care physicians, physiatrist and physical and occupational therapists.
A physical or occupational therapist can help you find which types of activities are best for you, and at what level or pace you should do them. Expertise is vital to make an early diagnosis of RA and to rule out diseases that mimic RA, thus avoiding unneeded tests and treatments.
Studies show that people who receive early treatment for RA feel better sooner and more often, and are more likely to lead an active life. You should encourage your patient perform exercise, which will keep your patients’ mobility of hands and other joints. She underwent acupuncture treatment 3 x per week for 4 weeks plus Chinese herb pills 2x per day, she felt much improved with her night sweats and hot flush, she also reported better sleep and less mood swing, she was continued to have acupuncture maintenance  treatment once a week for 6 weeks, then she continued her Chinese herbs for rest of the treatment.
She also had difficulty falling asleep, remaining asleep without interruption, experienced fatigue, constipation, on and off hot flashes, irregular menstruation, lived a stressful life, and experienced cold limbs during the winter and in air condition rooms. The Chinese realized that by using the body’s inner qi (internal energy), and manipulating its channels, it may be used to initiate the healing processes and improve facial appearance. However, acupuncture face-lifts can be an excellent holistic alternative to a traditional surgical face-lift.
However, when used safely and supervised by a physician, botox may be an effective treatment for wrinkles. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, ringing in the ears and Tinnitus is an alarm that the energy in your kidney meridian is low or deficient. A basic acupuncture prescription for tinnitus, which may take 10 to 15 sessions for improvement, is San Jao 3 and 17, Gallbladder 2 and 43, with Kidney 3 and 6 for the chronic type.
The treatment of tinnitus, which is defined as conscientious perception of a sound originated in the ears or nervous system, represents until the current days a great challenge. Some two million find it so disturbing that it interferes with sleep, work, concentration and family relationships.
Joanna went to her physician who examined her and she was found to have decreased sensation at both hands and feet with glove and stock distribution.  Both her feet showed a little black color with lost hair and dry skin. Blood pressure problems, heart rhythm problems, and breathing difficulty may occur in critical cases. She then continued her maintenance program once a week for 8 weeks, she is much more comfortable to walk and drive now. We brought about $50,000 worth of medicine donated from Americares,  an organization  based  in Stamford, CT, Henry Schein, a medical supply company in NY, and 6 organizations. I was amazed that his blood pressure was not dropped to zero.  Afterwards, I realized I was so naive, I was told that he might hide his medicine and asked for more.
She was referred to a rheumatologist, who ordered x-ray images and rheumatoid factor test.  Both were positive for Rheumatoid Arthritis, therefore, the diagnosis was confirmed.
As the disease progresses, symptoms often spread to the knees, ankles, elbows, hips and shoulders.
This can make cartilage (the tissue that cushions between joints) and bone erode, or wear away.
These three drugs and gold are rarely prescribed for RA these days because other drugs work better or have fewer side effects.
Most often, patients take these drugs with methotrexate, as the mix of medicines is more helpful.
For most people with RA, early treatment can control joint pain and swelling, and lessen joint damage. A physiatrist who is an expert in RA also can design a customized treatment plan that is best suited for you. They also are less likely to have the type of joint damage that leads to joint replacement. It is not officially a medical term, but is sometimes used to explain certain aspects of the menopause transition in lay terms.
Therefore, a woman can develop osteoporosis (thinning of bone) later in life when her ovaries do not produce adequate estrogen. She would like to try acupuncture and Chinese herbs to reduce her facial dark spots, wrinkles, and improve the quality of her facial skin. Therefore, good sun protection should be a habit developed early on and applying sunscreen before going outdoors can help reduce wrinkles. More and more people pay attention not only to the wrinkles and dark spots but to their health.
Meanwhile, acupuncture corrects the bodies discomfort and illness, such as stress, disturbed sleeping, etc. With acupuncture, the underlying causes of aging are treated rather than masking the symptoms with a surgical face-lift and allowing further decay and dysfunction to continue within the body.
But not withstanding, acupuncture is safer and less expensive when compared to botox treatments. Retin-A, also known as retinoic acid, is more effective at reducing fine lines, but it must be used for several months. In a nutshell, using acupressure points to relieve ringing in the ears is not a quick or easy fix.
The use of Acupuncture (ACP) is based on the stimulation with needles of specific points on the human anatomy. For example, a quiet faint type ringing that is more predominant at night before sleep is usually due to kidney weakness and these people can wake in the middle of the night with insomnia.
However, despite the severity of the disease, recovery rates are good when patients receive treatment early. Her sensation in both feet was much better, she no longer had a burning sensation, but she still felt mild numbness. We had no difficulty getting the medicine through the Senegal Customs,  however, Delta Airline fined us $500 for overweight. The patient was given methotrexate and felt better for morning stiffness and swelling, however, she had many side effects, such as, nausea, vomiting, hair loss, etc. DMARDs have greatly improved the symptoms, function and quality of life for nearly all patients with RA. These checkups let your doctor track the course of your disease and check for any side effects of your medications. Therefore, the rheumatologist, working with the primary care physician and other health care providers, should supervise the treatment of the patient with RA. It goes into the root of ageing not only by benefitting the skin but also slowing down the ageing process. In TCM thinking, the ears are the openings of the kidney on the body surface, and they are also important pivot locations for the meridians to communicate with each other. Tinnitus acupuncture points can be very helpful, especially as tinnitus symptoms are usually quite responsive to acupuncture treatment. Another type of tinnitus resembles the sound of  loud cicadas singing and this is caused by the liver. I performed Nerve Conduction Velocity and Electromyography Tests, which conformed Joanna had peripheral neuropathy. She was told to strictly control her blood sugar and gradually her numbness and tingling sensation disappeared.

You likely also will need to repeat blood tests and X-rays or ultrasounds from time to time. Treat ear pain, tinnitus and ear infection naturally with these effective acupressure points for ear pain. Treatment Points: Tinnitus is experienced as a ringing in the ear, and it is associated with balance.
Later in this chapter you will see how to cure these diseases through the best methods used in reflexology to cure them. I have found that getting out in the fresh air and working in my yard takes my mind off the noise in my head. All points were needled with the patients either prone or supine and after they points were disinfected. Ringing in the ears, or tinnitus, has proven a difficult challenge for both Eastern and Western medicine, but acupressure applied to the Gallbladder 20 point or to a set of points at the tragus can. Ringing in the ears, or tinnitus, has proven a difficult challenge for both Eastern and Western medicine, but acupressure applied to the Gallbladder 20 point or to a set of points at the tragus can reduce the symptoms.
And brain-imaging studies are shedding new light on how some peoples' brains are wired with unusual connections between the auditory cortex that governs hearing and the centers for attention, emotion and executive function. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, tinnitus is believed to result from a disturbance in the flow of energy, or chi, to the liver or kidney. Home remedies for treating tinnitus include consumption of multi-nutrient rich diet with low sodium content, yoga, acupuncture and usage of ear plugs or ear muffs. Make sure the cotton does not have any leakage point and avoid this remedy for young children. I discreetly put some silicon earplugs in and loosen them just enough to hear and enjoy the music but not leave with my ears ringing.
While there are many different treatments for tinnitus, none has proven to be entirely reliable. I hope they do find a cure for tinnitus as so many people suffer from it and the upcoming generation likes everything even louder, not realizing the consequences.
The acupuncture points are UB 23 Sheng Shu, Kid 4 Tai Xi, SJ 17 Yi Feng, SJ 21 Er Meng, SI 19 Ting Gong, GB 2 Ting Hui, SJ 5 Wai Guan, and UB 18 Gan Shu. Researchers in Brazil have published a study indicating that a treatment called cranial-sacral trigger point therapy can relieve tinnitus in some head and neck trauma cases by releasing muscles that constrict hearing and neural pathways. It seemed to start suddenly, but most likely is from damage caused by attending too many rock concerts in small venues. It was overwhelming at first, and I also submitted to many tests to attempt to rule out other health issues that cause this.
What finally worked for me was to realize that at least I wasn't deaf, and could still hear. That many people suffer from far greater diseases and this one was just a new song that I would have to carry with me.
I also try to remind myself that even if there is a ringing in my ears, the body still pumps blood, the eyes still see. Usually, this reminder that I have so much to be thankful for puts it all into better perspective. In my better moods, I tell myself that it is my body's way of telling me the energy fields are working! Yes, it's hard not to but having the volume a little higher while cooking, or music playing in the background helps throughout the day. Brijendra Shukla suggested me to have audiogram and several other tests of ear in that he said I could not hear sounds of high frequency by birth (left ear). I now go to a Neuro-massage Therapist, three times a week and they work on the nerves of your ears and head, so far it has diminished some of the loud ringing..
I hope this goes away soon, though I am going crazy, because it keeps me up most of the night. While it can be very loud (and sometimes are much louder than others), I am still able to hear sounds from outside my body very well. I try to think of it as my spirit guides whispering in my ears, always letting me know that they are there.
In this way I am able to relax and accept that the ringing was a positive signal in my life. I was born hearing impaired and I think my tinnitus started when my eardrum ruptured as a child. My tried and tested methods of distraction are completely rubbish now and nothing I've tried eases the ringing. I don't let her talk that way because I believe the only way to cope is to find a way to coexist with it.
My tinnitus varies from just noticed to intense screaming, especially if i drink a beer the night before. I found out from various websites that I may have Meniere's disease - vomiting, nausea, dizziness and vertigo associated with Tinnitus. The website Remedies for Tinnitus Cure have testimonials from sufferers that claimed to have been cured of the ringing and the other symptoms.
My husband discovered Lipo-Flavonoid, a vitamin supplement that claims to be effective in helping with the problem, even though suffering for 20 years.
I am taking Lipo-Flavonoid for the past five days and sometimes the ringing is less intense and confine to the left ear. I have lost friends to cancer and other terminal illnesses and unfortunately they did not have a choice to live on. When my tinnitus is really bothering me, I think of all those people that would probably trade positions with us in a heartbeat.
There are books : Triumph Over Tinnitus by Rafaele Joundry and Tinnitus Miracle by Thomas Coleman. Do yoga, I stopped having colds ever since I started and do my breathing exercises regularly.
I've also had a lot of dental work done and have misalignment of the jaw for a long time before the tinnitus ever started. I also discovered that if I push on the side of my head between my temple and ear the ringing increases 10 fold. I've found a significant reduction in ring intensity when I stop smoking for prolonged periods. Not news but after two weeks off, my second day back at a very stressful job and the ringing has definitely increased. Not much I can do about that situation, but validation of the association between stress and tinnitus. One last thought, I've found a heating pad on the back of my head helps, as does applying tiger balm to my earlobes, temple and behind my ears. Due to go to see ent as I get dizzy and heavy feeling across head on left side good luck all and keep.praying, blessings. The constant smooth humming sound of the fan completely masks my tinnitus and I sleep great. My noisy classroom at work distracts me heaps, and just doing something else to keep my mind off it is what seems to work.
Usually only mild until I try to work out and get fatigued, then it rings too loud to think straight.
I've found anti-anxiety medication and smooth music to ease it until my episode has passed.
Use to live in NC and in the summer we would sit on the porch late in the afternoon and the crickets would sing from a slow beginning to very loud and then stop a few moments and begin again for hours. At 69 and having this for at least 10 years, it hinders my hearing more and more and certain sounds I do not hear. Although I do sometimes have unusually loud sounds at times and grasp how difficult it must be if you've had silence when you wanted it before.
A soft background music or fan is helpful, but I have found that a good ear massage quiets the ringing a lot. You pinch the ear lobes and all around the top and inside of the ear, then a light tapping around the back of ear on the scalp. At home I have a small indoor pond with running water - it seems to cover the noise if the room is otherwise silent. Most of us are doing the best we can, and as we learn to surmount our life's challenges, we learn to do better. Sometimes directing my breath down into my thighs, calves, feet and out brings me down out of my head into my body.
But I've also found that iso-tones can be surprisingly relaxing and can do interesting things to your brain. I do neck exercises, which I got from my physical therapist, my T is related to my neck and jaw. I strongly reccomend wearing ear protection whenever exposing yourself to loud noises, because you absolutely don't want tinnitus. I have to be in constant ignore mode which isn't fun and school sucks because I can barely concentrate. I am only aware of it when I am trying to go to sleep at night and if it is really quiet during the day. I have not been to a doctor and it is not intolerable for me at this point but couldn't help but wonder if dehydration might have something to do with it. I will try acupuncture, chiropractor and everything else I can think of to find the cause..
I prayed, asking Jesus to heal me from this noise and return the peace and beauty of the quiet I once had - and this morning the noise was gone! Though sometimes I was searching for the noise like I wondered if it was gone for good and thought I heard it.
It was reading material on the Internet that revealed that foods have an effect that brings out tinnitus.
He went to MAYO Roch, MN and after much time and care it was found he had a fistula which MANY MANY doctors overlooked.
Sometimes the buzzing makes me feel like screaming, but I tell myself I am not going to let it ruin my life. I tell my grandkids that the buzzing sounds I hear are really communications from out of space.
Since then, I have had this constant noise in my right ear, I have seen many doctors and tried different things.
Some other things which have I found helpful: avoiding stress and exposure to loud noise, listening to soft music, the fan is really helpful too! I leave the window open sometimes when I want to sleep and that is helpful to because then it is not very quiet, helps blocking the noise a bit. The only thing that helps is a fan running at night, or the TV playing so that I can get to sleep. I gave myself a good talking to and I learned coping mechanisims as I couldn't live like that. When I feel frustrated I say to myself that I could have worse problems and that tinnitus will not harm me. I developed the idea of an ear worm music that won't quit into a method of forgetting the squeal and listening to the classical music and developing strings of multiple instruments sounding to the beat in my brain. Commercials sometimes come in so loud that the sound vibrations hurt - the mute button works well for those moments.
At first the ringing continues but then sometimes it becomes less and a bit more tolerable.
I went to my ENT i had an MRI and an ear test where they put water in the ear, I think that made it worst. I now sleep with the fan going all night.Tinnitus Management - I had tinnitus since 3 weeks ago.
The first week was terrible as I couldn't sleep and was constantly thinking and worried of the ringing sound in my ears. Thankfully, I pray to Lord Jesus Christ and he has given me so much comfort and most of all allow me to sleep better. Try exercising such as swimming and jogging, as they are good in relaxing and for sleeping. Can you imagine having constant noise(buzzing,ringing,whooshing)in your brain 24 hours everyday? I have 'adapted' to my noise induced tinnitus(airbag implosion noise during an automobile accident in 1996)!
Insomonia caused by the constant ear noise, depression, communication loss, job loss,isolation,and locating a professional to listen that understood the life alterations this medical condition induces. Provided by phone support and an audiological exam from the ATA at the Oregon Health Institute. On the phones in the lab where I work I have to adjust the volume down from the #7 level to the #2 level every time I pick up a phone.
At first I thought someone it the lab was hard of hearing but when I started watching to see who it was I found out that it was me who was out of step.
The most irritating thing though is the volume increase when a commercial comes on on the TV. It seems that it is just blasting at a high level and it makes me think I have had it too high to begin with.
Sometimes, people produce enough wax that their hearing can be compromised or their tinnitus can seem louder.
If you produce a lot of earwax, speak to your physician about having excess wax removed manually-not with a cotton swab, but by an otolaryngologist.

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