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Here you can pick up Dutch band Golden Earring's RARE original 60's albums for around 20 bucks-a steal. This is a 3rd rate imitation British Invasion Band somewhere in between the Zombies and the Kinks. While I'm not into their 60's stuff like I am their 80's and newer work, a lot of people like their early Beatles-era stuff, and for the price, it's a bargain and must pick-up for Earring fans to get most of their original songs for just over the price of a brand new modern album. Their material does not reach any where near the heights pioneered by such Dutch bands as the Outsiders, Motions, Groupe 1850, Q65, and RO-D-Y'S.
The lead singer in these songs is a different guy than the guy who sung in Radar Love and Twilight Zone, their 2 American hits.

The first two albums have the edge when compared to the last, more psychedelic album which is quite awful. The guitarist (George Kooymans) and bass player (Rinus Gerritsen) are the same guys, though. The singles are by far and away the best material on this set of limp material, which bridges the beat and psychedelic eras respectively. While I prefer albums like "Bloody Buccaneers", "Millbrook USA", and "Face It", if you're interested in 60's GE, you really can't pass up a bargain like this.
Sound Of A Screaming Day, Daddy Buy Me a Girl, That Day, and Please Go are the best songs on this double disc set and all I believe were decent size Dutch hits.

These songs remind me of a slightly tougher Hollies or a less innovative Zombies-like band. Avoid this generic set at all cost and look into buying a Small Faces, Action, Q65, Pretty Things or Outsiders album!

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