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Special PrecautionsVastarel MR is not a curative treatment for angina attacks, nor an initial treatment for unstable angina pectoris or myocardial infarction, nor in the pre-hospital phase or during the first days of hospitalization.
Parkinson disease, parkinsonian symptoms, tremors, restless leg syndrome and other related movement disorders. In the event of an angina attack, the coronaropathy should be re-evaluated and an adaptation of the treatment considered (medicinal treatment and possibly revascularization).Vastarel MR can aggravate or cause symptoms similar to those of Parkinson's disease (tremor, difficulty in making movements, rigidity of limbs), which should be investigated and reported to a doctor, especially in elderly patients.

In doubtful cases, patients should be referred to a neurologist for appropriate investigations.
The occurrence of movement disorders eg, parkinsonian symptoms, restless leg syndrome, tremors, gait instability should lead to definitive withdrawal of Vastarel MR.These cases have a low incidence and are usually reversible after treatment discontinuation. If the effect of Vastarel MR is too strong or too weak, talk to a doctor or pharmacist.OverdosageIn case of an overdose, consult a doctor or pharmacist immediately.

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