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You should leave your dressings intact until your next appointment (unless you have had an arthroscopy or plantar fascia release in which case you can then remove the bulky dressings on day 3). Swelling often increases over the first 6 weeks and then usually reduces over the next 6 weeks.
While you are resting it is important to do gentle range of motion and strengthening exercises. This can be a sign of a variety of complications following surgery, with many mentioned previously.

Any concerns should be discussed with your anaesthetist during the pre-operative consultation. This brochure is a brief overview of the surgical management of plantar fasciitis and not designed to be all-inclusive. Depending on the nature and magnitude of the surgery, it may take up to 12 months to fully settle. Signs you may have an infection include heat, tenderness, unusual fluid, or an odour coming from your wound.

On very rare occasions a chronic regional pain syndrome can develop in addition to these and require further prolonged management.

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