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Alternatively: Open a web browser in your computer and type the address exactly as that appears on your iPhone or iPod touch. Make sure that you type the address directly on the address bar and not on the Google search bar. In case you are using Internet Explorer 8 or later rather than other browsers like: Firefox, Safari or Chrome, please follow these steps if page is not displaying correctly. If you are having technical problems with your video interview, there are two common issues to check that resolve 95% of the issues candidates encounter.
Be sure that your computer has speakers or headphones, and double check that they can play audio. If you have an iPhone or Android phone with camera, you can take your interview with our Mobile App. Voice Advantage will identify which device your have (iPhone or Android) and take you to the iTunes Store or Google Play Store to download that app. If you are still having problems or do not have an appropriate mobile device, you can complete your interview with your phone. A todos nos gusta sentirnos seguros y protegidos cuando una situacion de emergencia aparece en nuestra vida. Este hecho ha llevado a varios emprendedores espanoles a crear Help Me – SOS Internacional, la primera aplicacion gratuita para llamar a telefonos de emergencia disponible no solo en Espana, sino tambien en muchos otros lugares del mundo.
Gracias a esta nueva app, los propietarios de un smartphone tienen la oportunidad, tras descargar la aplicacion, de llamar a los telefonos de emergencia de la policia, los bomberos o la ambulancia sin ningun tipo de coste y sea cual sea el lugar del mundo en el que se encuentren. Su exito ha sido tal que, en tan solo dos semanas, Help Me ha conseguido mas de 5.000 descargas, una cifra muy elevada teniendo en cuenta el poco tiempo que hace que se puso a disposicion del publico.
Aunque la mayoria de las descargas proceden de Espana, Help Me ha tenido una excelente acogida en otros paises del mundo debido a que ya la han incluido en sus telefonos moviles personas procedentes de un total de 70 paises, entre los que encontramos a Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, Estados Unidos, Inglaterra, Venezuela y Chile, entre otros.
Otras cualidades que han convertido a esta app para llamar a telefonos de emergencia sin coste en un exito han sido el hecho de que este disponible en 35 idiomas, que se configure de forma automatica con los numeros de emergencia del pais en el que se encuentra el usuario y que facilite, mediante geolocalizacion, la direccion fisica o las coordenadas GPS del lugar donde se encuentra la persona que utiliza la aplicacion.
Licenciado en Economicas por la University of La Verne, California, y Master MBA en ESADE, completo los estudios con un Programa de Direccion en el IESE y estudios avanzados en Harvard Business School con un Programa para el desarrollo directivo ante los cambios y retos en la industria del MEDIA del tercer milenio. Como profesional es fundador y Director General de Tech Sales Group, empresa lider en proporcionar el Gabinete de Prensa a pymes y startups.
Fue Director General de LYCOS BERTELSMANN durante los anos del origen de la llamada Nueva Economia (1999-2003) y uno de los artifices del desarrollo de negocio de Internet en Espana durante los ultimos anos.

Pre-text: a note that there are a million and one ways to approach a customer journey map, both in research, output, process and presentation. First we must understand the purpose of a customer journey map and what the specific objectives are for your business. There is such a thing as data paralysis, but the general rule of thumb is that the more data the better; both qualitative and quantitative. Now that we’ve done the research can we start to form a cohesive understanding of what are users are doing and why. For me, this is one of the most difficult elements of creating a customer journey map; the presentation of it. The first step of the Mobile Commerce Design process should be to analyze how shoppers of a partiA­cular brand (and compeA­titor brands) currently use their mobile devices to support each phase of theshopping cycle. An experienced UX consultant, David has focused on UX strategy and conversion optimization since 2011, working in the buzzing digital hubs of Manchester and Liverpool in the UKa€”and beyond, on occasion. Get the best UX newsletter, full of handpicked articles, resources and ideas delivered right to your inbox every second week. Hi, I'm Paul and I write articles & reviews on Web Design, User Experience and Usability.
Es ademas la primera empresa que promueve la promocion y lanzamiento mediatico de apps y proyectos tecnologicos.Es tambien fundador y Presidente de la Fundacion Escuela Emprendedores, entidad sin animo de lucro que tiene como objetivos FOMENTAR el caracter emprendedor en escuelas. Fundador de International Tech Sales Group, Europe's leading sales outsourcing company to provide direct access to European markets with local resources and sales results.
I think it dates back to when I was a kid a€“ enjoying watching Disney films of old up to, and including, the rise of animation in the 90’s all the way through to the rendered computer animation craft of Pixar.
Think about it; crafting a story, or stories, for your users to follow, you can create, manipulate and influence users that can help both improve their user experience and your margins. This is just based on my experience but there are certainly patterns and identifiable consistencies across the board. A customer journey map, by all intents and purposes, is a story of how a user interacts and engages with your brand.
In my job, I’m often simply required to determine if our users are achieving their goals, and if not, how can we persuade them to do so? These are the feelings that either persuade a user to undertake an action or the emotions that prohibit a user from continuing their journey.

Here are a few examples, for inspiration, to coo over but the presentation of this is important as you might know and understand this back-to-front, but convincing the stakeholders, and interpreting this into insight is what matters most. He is one of only very few people in the UK who Human Factors International has qualified as both a Certified Usability Analyst (CUA) and a Certified User Experience Analyst (CXA). Specifically focusing on online, it indicates the initial contact points, the engagement factors and from there we can indicate how to leverage this information to persuade the user to convert. In essence, we need to leverage the pitfalls and take advantage of the opportunities to help increase conversion rates. His aim is to create and improve Web site user experiences for visitors to ensure that businesses can increase their online profits and get a good return on their investments. If you are passionate about Usability, User Experience (UX), interface design or any related topic, then we are eager to hear what you have to say. In this case, Google Analytics and the likes are a nice tool to understand large quantities of data and condensing them into segments of insight. Fundador de, plataforma para el lanzamiento de notas de prensa. There are plenty of data mining technologies and research tools, but that’s for another article another time. Fundador y Director de Student-Pass, primera escuela de emprendedores como actividad extraescolar.
Fundador y Director de la entidad Vivir Mas, para aquellos que quieren vivir mas tiempo y mejor.
Agente Bankinter- sucursal 4197, para la financiacion de proyectos y asesoramiento financiero. Autor de los Libros ?Estas desaprovechado!, Hazte rico siendo emprendedor y de Retirarse a los 40, se emprendedor.

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