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They will require the lightning port, it's why the audio jack was moved to the bottom."EarputersSo let's break this down.

The latest claim might be totally unfounded but we already know that Apple's has had an idea along these lines – just look at this patent. That one."However great the iWatch (or iBand, whatever takes your fancy right now) is, it's going to be a tough sell in this currently-awkward wearable market. Apple has health.Perhaps the iWatch will have a heart rate monitor in it too, although if these EarPods do actually exist, it probably doesn't need one. So the idea could be to bundle in Apple's new EarPods with the iPhone 6 and wean people onto the idea that they also need Apple's wearable.
As our anonymous tipster put it in a comment, "Home medical devices are… a poor market today.

But everybody has a body they would like to look after."So how will these mythical earbuds speak to our phones?
LG's earphones require a "medallion" to process data but Apple should be able to send everything through its proprietary connector without the need for an added accessory.

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