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The Lion Mark is a symbol of safety and quality, backed by a Code of Practice and developed by the British Toy & Hobby Association (BTHA) in 1988.
When buying toys, always buy with the child's age in mind and ensure that the product is suitable for this age. The under-3s are especially at risk because they put everything into their mouths to explore shape and texture.
Messages such as 'recommended for children aged three - four' or 'play age five - seven' are just a guideline. Often a toy is well designed and safe but causes problems when it gets into the wrong hands. We have a team specialising in toys - from buying through to quality assurance, who work with our manufacturing & supply base to make sure that not only are the safety requirements met, but also that the toys we sell are suitable for the age and development needs of your child. It is impossible to watch a child all the time and even if you think your child has understood your warnings, a small toy can prove tempting.

Age guidelines can help you choose if the toy will be fun for your child to play with and if it will prove stimulating. It's especially important to look over toys for babies and toddlers to make sure there are no small pieces that come loose or seams that could come apart. A building brick that is safe, interesting and educational for an older child can be lethal if a toddler chokes on it. If more than one magnet is swallowed, they can connect to each other inside the body and, this can lead to tissue damage. There is no immediate risk to children playing with these toys in a normal or foreseeable way, but parents should take care if their child has a history of swallowing small parts, or mouthing their toys, and care should be taken if the child the toy is intended for has younger brothers and sisters.
Any Use or copy of this website's content is a copyright infringement without the consent of WTCA Management. A safety message such as 'not suitable for children under 36 months because of small parts' must be taken literally.

Remember, what he or she enjoys playing with at the moment - for example, if a 10-piece jigsaw is easy for your child to complete, try one with 20 or 25 pieces.
Don't forget, as well, that if a toy is not strong enough to withstand play it will be a disappointment to an older child. Remember the packaging is not normally part of the toy and should be disposed of safely before the toy is given to your child to play with. Quickly and easily converts to a rocker with supportive foot pad for rocking mde for extra static play time.
Look for a text panel, or the following symbol, which indicates that the toy is unsuitable as it may contain small parts that could cause a choking hazard.

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