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Thanks to technology, students with physical and mental challenges have access to thousands of devices to help make learning easier.
Assistive devices include any device that disabled children (or adults) might use to help them learn and function more effectively. Dalton formed Assistive Technologies in 1990 to help disabled people find ways to work and contribute to society more effectively. Many on-line resources are available to help teachers and school districts locate the right devices for any student in need. Students' class placement and assistive technology is defined according their Individual Education Plan. For years, different modes of technology have been used to improve the quality of life of people who have various developmental disabilities . According to the Technology-Related Assistance for Individuals with Disabilities Act of 1988 (Public Law 100-407), an assistive technology means any item, piece of equipment, or product system, whether acquired commercially, off-the-shelf, modified or customized, that is used to increase, maintain, or improve functional capabilities of individuals with disabilities. Typically, children with autism process visual information easier than auditory information.
Adaptive Hardware: In order to access the computer, some children with autism might require that the standard computer be adapted with certain devices.
Touch Window: The purpose of the touch window is to allow the child to "navigate" and "interact" with the computer by touching the screen, rather than operating the mouse. Intellikeys: This is a commonly used alternative keyboard that easily connects to a computer, and is available for Macintosh or Windows platforms (14). Big Keys and Big Keys Plus: This is an alternative alphabet keyboard that has been specifically designed for young children.
Trackballs: Trackballs come in various sizes and shapes, and allow the child to move the mouse around the screen by rolling a stationary "ball" around with either his fingertips or hand. Please note the attached Software Suggestions for programs that have been used effectively for children with autism to address various skill areas. Digital camera: A digital camera can be very beneficial in making two-dimensional visual representation systems for children who have a strong preference for the visually-presented information. Scanner: A scanner can be used to scan in numerous materials, such as pages from books, assignment sheets, CD covers, video covers, etc. Tip: To turn text into a link, highlight the text, then click on a page or file from the list above. Tricycles, wheelchairs, crutches for the physically challenged, hearing aids and other devices were distributed a€” Photo: M. Where can I get information and access to specialized equipment for people with disabilities? Therapists will have information about where you can borrow, rent or buy specialized equipment, as well as programs that can help with the equipment. Agencies and organizations that serve specific Disability groups also provide information about equipment. There are many ways that assistive technology is funded, depending on each person’s situation. Provincial programs – The Manitoba government offers programs that include funding to rent or purchase specialized equipment. Community Living Disability Services – Community Living disABILITY Services offers a range of day and residential services aimed at providing adults with an intellectual disability greater independence within the community. Employment and Income Assistance (EIA) – The Employment and Income Assistance Program may provide funding for basic and essential medical equipment and supplies for people who are not covered through home care or any other plan.

Manitoba Health, Healthy Living and Seniors – Specific equipment may be included through Ancillary Programs of Manitoba Health, Healthy Living and Seniors. Regional Health Authorities – Home care services offered in Manitoba through the Regional Health Authorities may provide help with equipment for people living in their home. Your Regional Health Authority is a good source of information about equipment and programs that can help you. Private insurance – You may have an insurance plan through your workplace that covers expenses for items such as hearing aids, glasses, orthotics, prosthetics or other supportive items. Employers – In some situations, employers may buy assistive technology for a person with special needs so their disability doesn’t prevent them from fulfilling a job function. Community and Non-profit organizations – Some service organizations provide support for equipment purchases, either through direct funding or long-term rentals.  You can contact community organizations that may provide funding for assistive technology. The DHSU offers a streamlined, one-stop-shop to help eligible clients access these disability and health-related supports in a consistent, fair and efficient manner. Privacy and cookie policyPhonic Ear will place cookies on your computer to help us make this website better. A sound field system offers many advantages for students, students with impaired hearing, teachers and schools. In this Education World article, writer Sherril Steele-Carlin talks about assistive technology with parents and teachers who use the technology, and with those who provide it to schools. By current estimates, more than 4,000 assistive technologies have been designed for students and teachers. Most programs and devices that are developed are designed to work on personal computers in a Microsoft Windows environment. He knows from experience the problems faced at school and work -- he's been paralyzed from the chest down since an accident at age 26.
She is also a consultant on special education issues and a mentor to parents of children with special needs.
However, the varied use of technology for children with autism continues to receive limited attention, despite the fact that technology tends to be a high interest area for many of these children. Assistive technology service is any service that directly assists an individual with a disability in the selection, acquisition, or use of an assistive technology device. Any time we use assistive technology devices with these children, we're giving them information through their strongest processing area (visual). Therefore, computers should be infused into the child's daily curriculum, not used solely for reward or recreational purposes.
In order to operate the computer, the child simply pushes various locations on an overlay that is placed in the Intellikeys . Some children with autism can master the mouse operations with a trackball, and eventually transfer to use of a standard mouse. An excellent article is "A Review of Kids Software for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder" by Jill Fain Lehman (17). Once the item is scanned, it can be shown as text or as a graphic on the child's computer, allowing him to access it through his keyboard.
Occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech-language pathologists and audiologists work in clinics, hospitals, community-based agencies and private practice. If you are eligible, you may receive funding for, or be eligible to access, equipment, assistive technology or environmental adaptations. Depending on the assessed needs of the individual, equipment and environmental adaptations may be available. Since organizations with group insurance negotiate what will be included in the plan, the items that are covered vary across workplaces and over time.

Everyone can hear what is being said and no one is doing something else because they can’t hear anything anyway.
Teaching can be tailored to compensate for the different learning needs of most children inside the regular classroom. He formed Assistive Technologies to bring the technology to others, after he learned how to use speech-recognition software in his own business.
Therefore various types of technology from "low" tech to "high" tech, should be incorporated into every aspect of daily living in order to improve the functional capabilities of children with autism. Computer assisted learning can focus on numerous academic areas as well as provide an appropriate independent leisure time activity for people with autism.
The use of a touch screen can assist a student who experiences difficulty understanding the abstract relationship between the mouse actions and the resulting actions on the screen. Standard overlays for the alphabet, numbers, mouse direction and a 'single switch hit' are included with the Intellikeys. Tricycles, wheelchairs, crutches for the physically challenged, hearing aids , Braille watches, sticks and spectacles for the visually impaired were given to children. They can make an assessment you and identify equipment that can help with daily activities. For more information on reasonable accommodations in the workplace, please see Human Rights and Reasonable Accommodations section. Some children with measured disabilities will require focused instruction in one-on-one or small-group settings. However, she uses a special 'reading machine' to assist her with reading and writing at home. With a touch screen, the concrete relationship between what the child sees and what the child directly activates is established (25). However, various overlays can also be created to go with numerous software programs through the purchase and use of additional Intellitools software programs.
Since autism is a spectrum disorder, the effectiveness and appropriateness of each program will be child specific. But other children who need help to keep up with their peers -- especially those with more severe disabilities -- can benefit from machines designed to help them learn! About the size of a small calculator, it has six large, flat keys that type in all the combinations of dots that create the Braille language. Hileman (11) states that computers are motivating to children with autism, due to their predictability and consistency, compared to the unpredictable nature of human responses. The Touch Window is available for Macintosh or Windows platforms from Edmark for approximately $335.00. In addition to acting as an alternative keyboard, the Intellikeys has 4 switch jacks located on the side of the keyboard, so that a single switch or multiple switches can be connected to the computer through the Intellikeys for children to access via a single switch hit. Such "assistive devices" aid their learning, understanding, and participation in the regular classroom environment. To a question regarding complaints that assistance money had not reached several differently-abled in some districts, the Minister said that eligible persons would not be left out and would receive the amounts regularly.During the day set apart for airing grievances, the Collector would ensure that the needs of the differently-abled are fulfilled, she said.
The computer places the child in control, allowing for the child to become an independent learner.

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