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Auditory processing refers to the brain's ability to sort and make sense of auditory inputs (sounds). If you suspect your child may have learning difficulties, get treatment as soon as possible. These children have difficulty performing tasks that require different senses integrating (e.g. Increases high frequency sensitivity and therefore emotional appreciation of meaning in sound. Stimulates and integrates the whole brain through use of complex melody, rhythm and harmony.

For a great example of how much intonation matters in providing meaning, see Ladle Red Rotten Hut.
These children have trouble organising, sequencing, recalling or expressing an appropriate response. Output organisational deficit children generally have difficulty with tasks which require planning or motor skills. My conversations have improved also because people's words make sense now and don't seem all jumbled. There are many different types, which can be distiguished by their characteristics.As a parent if you notice your child is struggling, don't hesitate to ask.

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