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The tops are made of cotton and polyester instead of spandex, so they have a nice relaxed fit instead of being skin tight. The fabric is a modal cotton blend, so it's super soft and light weight; perfect to wear to the beach or a summer concert. Please include a note with your order of which colors you want on your custom made tie dye crop top or write surprise me and I'll choose. Adopted in the 1960s the sign is often used to convey "Aloha Spirit", a concept of friendship, understanding, compassion, and solidarity. Items are hand, dyed, painted, and acid washed so there may be slight differences from the display photo.

The tie dyes are done in a pastel rainbow swirl similar the the main picture, but will differ as each shirt is hand dyed and unique! Each shirt is done in a rainbow pastel swirl similar the the main picture, but will differ as each shirt is hand dyed and unique!
Each shirt is done in a rainbow swirl unless otherwise requested (main photo shows pink blue and purple let me know if that's what you're interested in vs Pastel Rainbow) each shirt is hand dyed and unique!
Tshirts are gildan soft & size guide: XXS = 34" (9-11yr) XS = 36" (12-13yr) Small = 34-36" Medium = 38-40" Large = 42-44" XL = 46-48" XXL = 50-52" Please note that not all tshirts turn out exactly the same as each other, as seen in the pictures, each one is unique for you. Like all of my hand painted shirts, this is washable, durable, just wash and dry inside out!

Your shirt's dye and or the smiley and words might look different, but the same design over all.
Please note: the last photo is featuring some of our screen printed shirts, we wanted to showcase our tie dyes on the shirts.

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