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The Bank of England has given its starkest warning yet that a vote to leave the EU could hit the UK economy. He throws his arms out, laughing at the noises that surround him, and then stares in wonder as a new aural world opens up before him.With one hand constantly returning to the ear to which the device is fitted, the boy gurgles merrily and taps building blocks together.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Towards Hope Foundation, a new Melbourne based charity have coordinated Malak’s treatment with the Royal Childrens Hospital and head of the Cochlear Implant Clinic at the Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital with Prof. After countless surgeries and what seemed to be a never ending appointments at the hospital, the  light at the end of the tunnel for Malak Finally arrived .

To celebrate the success of Malak’s treatment, Towards hope foundation organised a farewell party for Malak on the 13th of October at Chuckles Play centre in Reservoir.
Completing her journey home, Malak will be accompanied by Lah’za Photography executives Ahmed Sabra and Zahra Habibullah this weekend, who have been documenting Malaks progress, and will be hosting an exhibition of Malak story on their return. Ziad Nahas, an executive member of Towards Hope Foundation said: “Towards Hope Foundation Takes this Opportunity to Congratulate and Thank whole heartedly Al-Azhari Host Family who relentlessly devoted their time and energy to give Malak the love and attention of a real family and more ”Also we thank the Muslim community for their donations in supporting Malak’s treatment and other medical projects in Gaza” he further added.
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She was given cochlear implants at an exceptionally young age because the meningitis led to bony growth - or ossification - in her inner ear. It instantly provides vital information about the wearer in case of an accident, illness or emergency.It can contain whatever information you wish.
AMAZING!'There has been a surge of such clips in recent years as scientists have developed ever more ingenious ways of helping deaf people to hear. Malak, her mother Maysa and baby brother arrived to Australia from Gaza late May of 2011 full of hope and dreams that one day, their little angel will be a normal girl and grow up to live a better quality of life.

Rob Briggs, who teamed up with plastic surgeon  Prof Andrew GreenSmith – the same surgeon who helped separate conjoined Bangladeshi twins Krishna and Trishna. The photo was then published in the schoola€™s yearbook a€” somehow without a single person noticing. The damage to Evie's ears was getting worse, which meant that waiting for implants at a later stage was not an option.
Many are given surgically implanted cochlear implants, which provide a sense of sound to people who are deaf or severely hard of hearing and are often referred to as 'bionic ears'.
Malak was born with Microtia, a congenital condition leaving her not only deaf but also without ears. Her mother, Jenny Harvey, 33, from Kent, told me: "When we found out she was deaf, what affected me most was the thought of her speech being impaired.

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