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This Custom Diamond Engagement Ring is set in platinum and holds 1.10ctw in tapered baguettes. Far from a traditional baguette diamond engagement ring, this wide, airy design provides plenty of drama. We warrant and guarantee the quality of the articles of jewelry for life, as long as you allow only a Shane Co.
Some orders may ship same-day, make sure to check your estimated delivery date if your order is extremely time sensitive.
With arching ribbons of baguette diamonds that cascade down the center of our ring, the featured diamond sits prominently atop.

Legend says that the love knot, also known as the eternity knot, represents no beginning and no end, the union of two souls which are never to be broken apart. When you print the ring sizer, you must set the Page Scaling to “None” in your printer’s dialog box. Six hand-matched baguette diamonds, at approximately .20 carat TW, add sophistication and style.
In the interest of security, FedEx orders require a signature at delivery, will not be dropped off unattended. Delicate strands of diamonds tapper alongside of the billowing channel of glistening baguettes to accentuate our 1 carat focal stone.

Shown in 14kt white gold with platinum prongs, this designer engagement ring is also available in all platinum with any size round diamond you choose.
We will also inspect, clean, polish and maintain your jewelry for free for as long as you own it.

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