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PINA BAUSCH (Philippine Bausch, 1940-2009) trained a punishing intensity on the art of dance and revolutionized it in the process.
On his or her birthday, HiLobrow irregularly pays tribute to one of our high-, low-, no-, or hilobrow heroes. She flooded the stage with water, flanked it with 20-ft.-high walls of mud, strewed it with a carpet of carnations, and mounded it with tons of peat. You can hear her on Shakespeare Unlimited from the Folger Shakespeare Library, also the radio programs To The Point, Press Play, Marketplace Weekend, and America Abroad.
Unter diesem Namen erlangt die Kompanie, obwohl anfanglich umstritten, mit den Jahren Weltgeltung.

Her dancers often shared their apocalyptic environments with animals — including live chickens, Alsatians, and, infamously, a hippopotamus. Ihre Verknupfung von poetischen und Alltagselementen beeinflusst entscheidend die internationale Tanzentwicklung. Weltweit mit den hochsten Preisen und Ehrungen ausgezeichnet, zahlt Pina Bausch zu den bedeutendsten Choreographinnen der Gegenwart. The Bausch Process required dancers to live together in the small town of Wuppertal and subject themselves week after week to Bausch’s interrogations and commands — to copy someone else’s tic, or do something they were ashamed of, or write their worst humiliations in movement.
By taking the most mundane situations — eating, sitting down, embracing — and drawing them out in endlessly inventive ways to their absurdist extremes, Bausch dared you to live as passionately and as unflinchingly as she did.

You left the theater convinced that you could split atoms, stop time, or shock a stilled heart back into rhythm, by the sheer passion with which you slip sideways into your seat.

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