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This tool is an absolute MUST HAVE item if you want to thread pearls and beads in a traditional, knotted way!
I am feeling so despondent with buying beads and stones online all the time and I wished there was an actual shop I could visit. There are several drawbacks to buying online in my opinion, the main one is the time it takes to trawl through pages and pages of stones finding what you think you might like, getting the measuring tape out to check sizes and the choice of suppliers and stones is just so vast. 70% of the time I am very happy with what I have purchased online but occasionally, colours are different, sizes are not what you imagined and the pattern on the stones can be hit and miss. Thankfully, Yum Yum Beads in the Victoria Quarter, Leeds, have started to stock gemstones so I took a trip over. So far, Yum Yums are only stocking the smaller sizes of gemstone beads so if you after bigger stones there aren’t that many available there. Admittedly, Yums Yums is a little more expensive than buying online but at least you are not met with any disappointments when the beads arrive in the post. So it seems that if choice and cost is a priority (which it is for me) then we have to stick with online buying, but I know I won’t be able to resist the occasional trip to look at, see and feel the beads I want to choose and buy. Silver filled is becoming more readily available here in the UK and thank goodness as Sterling is just too expensive to work with right now.
I think the sensible thing to do would be to make some pieces out of copper, just so I get a feel and the confidence back after the short break I have had from jewellery making. I had such trouble finding boxes to fit my large chokers, everything was too small or too shallow. These corrugated boxes and other lovely boxes for your jewellery are available from Swift Box. They don’t come with any sort of inner filling but a sheet of white tissue paper soon remedied that.
Rowell Trading now only accepts trade customers but a visit to their warehouse is highly recommended. Apart from Rowell Trading, I shop a lot on Ebay for gemstones and these are usually shipped in from abroad.
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Then, make sure your hands are clean, take your Nylon Bead Cord out of its packet and unwind it from the card.

Next, thread on a 6-8mm piece of gimp and a jump ring and then take your thread back through the pearl next to your gimp. You will need a pair of half-drilled beads such as pearls or gemstones, a pair of earring studs for half-drilled beads, and some suitable adhesive.
When your beads are stuck fast to your pegs, you now have a beautiful pair of earrings to wear on any occasion!! It helps makes 'knot placement' and 'tension' perfect every time, enabling you to produce fine, professional looking jewellery. Time is money as they say, and this adds a huge amount of extra hours needed just to source your materials.
Online stockists list things with as much detail as possible (measurements, hole size,) so they do try their best. I have been a regular visitor for years, remembering the days when they used to be in the beautiful Corn Exchange. If you are familiar with my work you will know I am not afraid of using big stones, I am hoping these will be coming soon.
My hunt for more stockists and retailers of gemstones will continue and I will of course share any discoveries I make. I do hope my style and work lends itself to silver and I am prepared for the fact that the gemstones and colours I normally choose might have to be altered. I came across these corrugated gift boxes that suited my eco jewellery style so ordered a bundle to try.
Buying from the internet can be disappointing sometimes unless you are very careful to check sizes and measurements. Going in crisscross direction, like a number 8 you’ll be able to create an elegant bracelet such as the Crisscross Beaded Bracelet. Pull the thread until all of the kinks loosen and tie a knot in the end farthest away from the needle. Apply a tiny amount of GS Hypo Cement between the two strands allowing it to wick into the hole. Gemstones are all individual and unique too so what you may see in the photo may not represent what you actually receive, however, that is just unavoidable.
I used to go about once a week at one point but since I started to work with gemstones only I stopped going as regularly.

They do have a selection of pendants and I managed to get a really lovely pink Moukite Donut Pendant which was very reasonably priced too. The time it takes for international delivery is also an issue as by the time the beads have arrived you don’t feel the urge to create or make what you ordered them for! It’s been ages since I made any new wirework pieces as I have been concentrating on my drawing.
It is a bit of a trek for me but i still go as there is nowhere else in West Yorkshire that matches it as far as I am concerned.  A room stacked high with racks and racks of beautiful gemstones, gemchips, undrilled stones, its pure paradise! I have ordered beads that I thought to be much bigger and when they have arrived they have been tiny! Make sure you leave a couple of centimetres of thread at the opposite end of the needle so you have enough room for tying.
You can also use this same technique for glueing bead caps and pendant settings into top drilled beads. The beads at Yum Yums are gorgeous and there is a superb selection of glass, metal, ceramic beads and findings.
I have just finished working on that this weekend and am very pleased with the colour combination with the copper.
With an actual shop you know what you are buying, what colour it is, and exactly how big it is.
Not because their prices are high, but I am sure fellow beaders and jewellers will know that bead shops are like sweet shops for us.
Put a dash of your own style and flavor to create your own version. Cherry Dangling EarringsAre you a fruit lover? Carefully cut the short end of the silk as close to the pearl as possible, making sure not to damage either the pearl or the long end of the silk. Here’s an accessory that will surely make you look fresh and sweet like a fruit cherry!This is a fun wire jewellery project for beginners.
On my last visit I was informed that a new delivery was arriving soon and there will be more choice of gemstones available.

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