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Even if you aren’t sure what caused the tantrum, you want to make sure that you respond well to this tantrum. Once the tantrum is over, ask yourself again what triggered the tantrum and what you can do to help in the future.
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Our Autism Program Manager, Addie Andrus, has shared some great insight on how to do just this.
Were you on the phone talking to a friend?  Did you tell your child that they couldn’t have their iPad right now?  Did you tell them to clean up their toys? They have to learn that those tantrums don’t work and then how to appropriately ask for the things that they want and need.  You might even consider taking data on how often those tantrums happen or how long they last so that you can see if what you’re doing is working.
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Read her advice below on how you can make changes at home to lessen your child’s outbursts. For families of children with behavior disorders, that last one can be especially difficult.

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