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Tennessee lost to Georgia in the quarterfinals of the NCAA's; Georgia then lost to eventual 2011 National Champ, USC in the Semis. SEC Tennis Update:In Men's Tennis it seems that Kentucky has taken a lot of momentum over the past week and weekend beating two highly ranked teams. The brightest spots for the SEC are the mena€™s program of Georgia and the womena€™s program at Florida. Pac-10 - The Pac-10 is the dominant force in the world of college tennis, and it looks to stay that way unless other programs can be built up.
Big Ten - The Big Ten is in fourth due to only having two programs that get any national attention.
SEC Tennis depth far superior to Pac 10 Not rated yetThe depth of the conference should give the SEC the #1 nod. 2008 - 2009 Womens College Tennis Conference Rankings Not rated yetFor womens NCAA Div.
Turn Shoulders (Sequence 1)Move your outside foot (left foot for right handed players) towards the ball. From your ready position turn both hands and your trunk to the side so that the shoulder of your hitting arm is pointing to the ball.
Georgia clearly has the best overall mena€™s program, while the Florida women have a strong case as the best womena€™s program.
The SEC in consistently in competition with these two programs leading the way, it just needs more depth from other schools. USC is the defending national champions for the men, while Stanford is the defending champions for the women.SEC - The SEC comes in second here thanks to Georgia and Florida. It has a few programs that are extremely competitive, such as Miami and Duke, but it does not have the overall strength to push the Pac-10 consistently. Ohio State and Illinois are the conference’s only powerful programs, and even they can struggle with consistency.

They are the most recently good programs, but they are not up to contending with the best programs like Florida and Georgia yet. Read these articles about the best tennis players and best tennis rivalries of all-time: Best All-Time Tennis Player and Biggest All-Time Tennis Rivalry. Facebook Comments Leave a comment about this article in the box below and share it with your Facebook friends. To find this put the V between your thumb and index finger on the edge of your racket's frame. 3 ranked Georgia who Kentucky beat, is down, Kentucky seems to be stepping up and getting ready for a push to do some amazing things. Unfortunately, this does not translate directly into the SEC being the best conference overall.The SEC really is the second best conference, behind only the Pac-10. Arkansas, for instance, is not a power in any level of tennis, and Alabama is not much better. Tennesseea€™s recent surge also helps the conferencea€™s overall strength, and that is why the SEC is number two. They are also very competitive in women's and doubles play, showing that they are the most well rounded group in the SEC.2. They have a chance to be special this next season, after falling short against USC in the men's division for the national title last season.4. They finish in the lower tier of the SEC often, but they are not quitters and have found ways to defeat teams that they should have lost to over the course of history.12.
Kentucky has some good players and they have taken this season very seriously, they have gotten on a roll at the right time.
Tennis is a sport that has so many variables and so many different ways to play it, that the SEC just does not have the ability to dominate all facets of the games the way it does other sports. If the SEC is going to take that next step in the race to be the best overall conference, it needs programs such as these to become contenders year in and year out.

Ole Miss Rebel Black Bears - Ole Miss is the best program in the western division of the SEC, and they do not look to give up their crown any time soon. Mississippi State Bulldogs - There is a big difference between these Bulldogs and the Bulldogs at the top of this list. They are a top program in the women's league, and they are known for consistently competing at a high level. They are ranking in the Top 15 nationally and have every reason to believe that they can compete with the upper echelon of the tennis world.5. Arkansas Razorbacks - The Razorbacks are almost a carbon copy of Vanderbilt: great womena€™s program, but a weak mena€™s program. None of their tennis programs are strong, and they tend to dwell in the SECa€™s cellar in the sport.
LSU Tigers - The Tigers find themselves in about the middle of the pack, but they are one of the better programs in the SEC.
They have had a few good years recently, and they look to be the most potent challengers to Ole Miss in the West.6. They are usually around the bottom of the SEC, but they have had moments where they have been tough for programs to win against.10. They are ranked in the Top 25, and are always in the mix when people are trying to decide how the SEC will break down. Alabama Crimson Tide - Alabama is just the opposite of most of the SEC; they have a brilliant mena€™s team, but their women are their weakness. They are a competitive group that should be in the race for the mena€™s national title this coming season.

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