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Introducing the Blackhawk, TASCO's new high-performance, high quality three-position earmuff.
All TASCO Cap-Mount style earmuffs feature the exclusive TENSION ADJUSTMENT that allows the user to increase or decrease the band force of the earmuff. With the same features as our high end Golden Eagle, the Sound Star is lighter and has a lower profile. The Sound Shield is the highest rated cap-mounted earmuff on the market with a certified 28 NRR.
All TASCO products are made in the USA and are tested in an independent NVLAP certified facility.
A Blog on amazing stuff: Amazing pictures, amazing world, amazing people, funny and cool stuff, etc. At long last, your best friend can now enjoy full-spectrum noise reduction with comfortable and light-weight Mutt Muffs®. These comfortable, stylish muffs provide superior hearing protection while remaining light and comfortable for the shooter. They provide excellent protection for your ears against the high levels of noise produced at the shooting range. The Golden Eagle combines an ultra-soft head pad, Soft-Seal™ ear cushions, very low headband force and two point suspension stainless steel headbands to produce a comfort level that you would not believe possible in a muff this effective. The Sound Star delivers exceptional performance and comfort using the same premium headband and cushions as the Golden Eagle.
Its ultra light and low profile design give the Sound Star an edge over conventional earmuffs.

The Silhouette uses all premium components and materials to achieve the ultimate in lightweight comfort and wearability.
This lightweight and comfortable earmuff features our patented Soft-Seal™ ear cushions and new foam head pad. Super comfort, quality and incredible price make the Zephyr the ultimate "economy" earmuff.
Tapered ear cups and neckband design makes the Slimline the perfect product for use with most welding helmets, hard hats and bump caps. Fits all major slotted hard hats and features our exclusive TENSION ADJUSTMENT that allows you to increase or decrease the band force providing improved sealing properties regardless of the hard hat size.
With an extra low profile and Soft-Seal™ cushions, it's easy to see why everyone is wearing them. Available in either standard or electronic versions, they reduce harmful noise levels and provide a comfortable fit for those long days of shooting.
These earmuffs have an in-built ability to amplify low-level sounds like range instructions or conversations with minimal distortion. Made entirely in the USA with premium components, stainless steel wire bands and our Soft-Seal™ cushions. The Silhouette folds into an ultra compact shape and is so comfortable, you'll forget it's on. The Sound Shield comes standard with a crown strap, our special wrap-around head pad and Soft-Seal™ ear cushions. Headband may be rotated in three positions; over the head, behind the head and under the chin. The Golden Eagle uses our Soft-Seal™ ear cushions for superior comfort and performance.

Mutt Muffs are ear muffs for dogs, and if you’ve got a dog who works in a Nascar pit crew, likes to fly in biplanes, or just has an interest in heavy construction and rock concerts, Mutt Muffs might be for him. Don't let your shooting passion damage your hearing–rely on Champion protection when at the range or in the field. Simply an amazing product for an amazing price and its the only 29 NRR three position earmuff made in the USA. The Impact Pro shooting earmuffs incorporate advanced acoustic technology that will immensely contribute to more effective communication on the shooting range. The amplification of voices and background sounds works very well even when the unit’s volume is turned all the way up, and the earmuffs will still drastically reduce the sounds produced by various caliber handguns that are fired in very close proximity in any open firing range. You will also be able to listen to your friends and instructors talk while enjoying optimum noise reduction while shooting. Impact Pro earmuffs use 2 AAA batteries rather than the high tech batteries used by other models, and which can sometimes be harder to find.
The batteries are long lasting and can give you roughly 80 hours of service under full operation.
These earmuffs shine even higher when used in outdoor shooting ranges.One of their strongest points is the high 30 noise reduction rating that they have been assigned.
Other earmuffs in the same price range will not perform as well when tested at the shooting range or in industrial settings.
You will never regret purchasing the R-01902 Impact Pro earmuffs because they are very affordable at a price that is just right for your pocket.

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