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Remington M-28 Shooting Ear Muffs - 19601 has been discontinued by Remington and is no longer available. You can also explore other items in the Hearing Protection category yourself to try and find the perfect replacement for you! Remingtin M-28 Ear Muffs offer a noise reduction rating of 28 and a easily storable, compact, folding design.
Not a bad idea, since the other option is buying hearing aids when your hearing goes bad, and hearing aids are not cheap. If for any reason you decide that your purchase just isn't for you, simply return the item within 30 days of receipt and we'll cover the cost of return shipping.
Lightweight, soft foam allows you to comfortably wear these ear muffs for an extended amount of time.
With a hard plastic outer shell, each ear muff has a soft cushion resting against your head. The pivots on the ear muffs help to increase comfort, as well.NRR of 30 Peltor Ultimate 10 model is rated at NRR 30 dB, and is designed for use with large caliber and magnum rounds. Learn and discover how to protect your hearing eficiently.Shooting a gun makes a lot of noise. And that noise can and will harm your hearing, if you won’t use ear protection of some kind. Other hearing protectors can rely on extreme pressure to get their NRR ratings, but the 3M Peltor Ultimate 10 uses dual walls for maximum attenuation and noise reduction.
Being able to wear them all day at work around loud machinery, and head to the gun range afterwards is an excellent perk.Other factors that make these so comfortable is the padded head band, which is much better than piece of hard plastic resting on your head.
Protecting your hearing while shooting is one of the essential rules on shooting range.Always use the best ear protection for shooting you can afford. Other hearing protectors can be quite heavy, but these do not put unnecessary strain on your head and neck.

But in the same time you can hear every other noise around you.Electronic ear muffs dampen only the noise that can be damaging to your ear. Furthermore, because the 3M Peltor Ultimate 10 Hearing Protectors are so adjustable, from the pivoting ear muffs to the individual sliding poles, it is hard to find a more comfortable set of hearing protectors.Great price Coming in around $20-$30 a pair, depending on where you find them, they do an excellent job for the price. Further benefit at this price is these hearing protectors are tested in and by nvLap accredited facilities.High protection The 3M Peltor Ultimate 10 Hearing Protectors really do a good job at reducing sound.
They were very successful at the gun range, as I hardly noticed the other shooters around me. Being able to block out keyboards and co-workers was very nice, and helped helped me concentrate. The ear muff pads are non-replaceable, which means you’ll have to spring for another set when the pads become too worn. However, replaceable pads are not as effective, so there is a choice to be made, and I would rather have my hearing.
But it is still better then no protection.Passive ear plugs are cheapest hearing protection.
Also, the pads are very comfortable.I did notice that when I was using the 3M hearing protectors at the office that female voices were blocked better than deep male voices. It was not a terrible difference, but it was noticeable.Need to adjust The 3M Peltor Ultimate 10 Hearing Protectors were difficult to get a great fit at first.
Because shooting produces an excessive number of decibels, these ear muffs are absolutely critical when protecting the long-term integrity of a person’s hearing, as well as safeguarding the ears against near-immediate damage and severe pain. In our opinion these five ear muffs present the best combination of value, technology, and protection, for today’s enthusiasts.
They are comfortable for hour, have great padding on the head band and ear muffs, and are light weight. They do a fantastic job reducing sound, from the gun range to the office or your nagging wife.While you can buy hearing protectors that block out more sound, you will have to pay quite a bit more. At this price, it is impossible to beat the 3M Peltor Ultimate 10 Hearing Protectors.Want to know more about Peltor Ultimate 10 Hearing protector? An external audio jack makes it easy to hook up an MP3 player, smartphone, or even a tablet, so that shooting can be accompanied by the perfect playlist from start to finish.
Despite this great way to supplement perfect silence with great music, the earmuffs also come with the ability to amplify low-decibel noises, like commands and conversation, making it easier to communicate without removing the earmuffs entirely.All noises above 84 decibels are still fully blocked by these electronic earmuffs, which ensures that shooting will not cause a significant amount of damage to the ear on shooting ranges or outside. The company’s higher-end pair of electronic earmuffs embraces an over-the-head style that is considered to be among the most popular with today’s shooting enthusiasts. The earmuffs are comfortable with rugged ear protection, designed to stay in place even in high temperatures or tough outdoor environments. This allows for easy communication between two or more hobbyists, all while safeguarding against hearing loss, ear damage, or other injuries. To protect against unintentional battery drain that can eliminate the most useful features of the earmuffs, Howard Leight has paired this model with an automatic shut-off that engage four hours after the earmuffs were originally turned on.

Like the R-1902, these earmuffs are designed with a convenient, over-the-head design that allows them to be used in a diverse number of environments.
That’s good news, especially given the advanced noise-cancellation technologies found in this particular model. They’re just a bit more sensitive than the Howard Leight options presented earlier, with on-demand noise blocking that cancels out all sounds above 82 decibels.
Compared to options from Howard Leight and 3M, these earmuffs offer a thinner ear piece, a more compact over-the-head band, and a lighter overall weight. One thing that might be of note is that the Caldwell earmuffs allow sounds up to 85 decibels. Competing options from other manufacturers typically reduce noise above either 82 or 84 decibels.
For those who need unfailing durability and noise cancellation, there is perhaps no better model on the market. These earmuffs also feature a 3.5mm headphone jack for perfect compatibility with iPods, iPhones, and other MP3 players or smartphones currently on the market.
The ultimate EDC kitGet the ultimate guide that shows you how to build out an effective EDC kit, which is tailored to your own unique situation and needs. They provide excellent protection for your ears against the high levels of noise produced at the shooting range.
These earmuffs have an in-built ability to amplify low-level sounds like range instructions or conversations with minimal distortion.
The Impact Pro shooting earmuffs incorporate advanced acoustic technology that will immensely contribute to more effective communication on the shooting range. The amplification of voices and background sounds works very well even when the unit’s volume is turned all the way up, and the earmuffs will still drastically reduce the sounds produced by various caliber handguns that are fired in very close proximity in any open firing range.
You will also be able to listen to your friends and instructors talk while enjoying optimum noise reduction while shooting.
Impact Pro earmuffs use 2 AAA batteries rather than the high tech batteries used by other models, and which can sometimes be harder to find. The batteries are long lasting and can give you roughly 80 hours of service under full operation.
These earmuffs shine even higher when used in outdoor shooting ranges.One of their strongest points is the high 30 noise reduction rating that they have been assigned. Other earmuffs in the same price range will not perform as well when tested at the shooting range or in industrial settings. You will never regret purchasing the R-01902 Impact Pro earmuffs because they are very affordable at a price that is just right for your pocket.

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