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Wind noise while motorcycle riding regularly exceeds the levels at which hearing damage will occur. I was a little sceptical at first on how a set of ear plugs could actually help you hear your helmet communicator better. These may seem a tad expensive, but being completely washable and reusable, plus more comfortable than the standard earplug makes them worth every penny. Ear Plugs - 50 Pairs - Best Premium Soft Foam Earplugs For Sleeping - Hearing Protection - Construction - Concerts - Hunting- Snoring - Shooting - NRR 32 - Comfortable Fit - Block Out The Noise Now! BLOCK OUT THE NOISE, PROTECT YOUR HEARING, AND ENJOY A GOOD NIGHT'S SLEEP OR YOUR MONEY BACK! VERY HIGH NOISE REDUCTION RATING OF 32 DECIBELS PROTECTS YOUR HEARING AND PROVIDES PEACE AND QUIET!

Items ship out the same day or next business day and arrive in 2-3 business days after that. Workers who need to block out loud noise demand the best protection and comfort available in an earplug. The world’s most popular polyurethane foam earplug, MAX offers superior noise-blocking performance in a single-use disposable earplug.
Howard Leight MAX-1 Foam Ear plugs Uncorded NRR33 (20 Pair)Workers who need to block out loud noise demand the best protection and comfort available in an earplug. Protect your hearing without blocking the sounds you want to hear with the NoNoise Motorsport noise filter hearing protection.Designed specifically for motorcyclists, the Motorsport noise filter hearing protection by NoNoise will help protect your hearing from harmful noise levels while allowing lower level noises such as conversation, sirens and horns to be heard. In her years doing this, she has tried many products and seen many more she liked the looks of.

I need ear plugs that block out noise, especially repetitive quiet noises, and these ear plugs do the trick.
I was using just regular foam ear plugs and couldn't hear my riding buddy, bought these and can hear him just fine and it keeps the wind noise at bay.
They do an excellent job of blocking out wind noise, which is not only harmful over time, but noticably fatiguing as well.

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