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Would you like to enjoy your vacation more, increase productivity on business trips, reduce stress of traveling? THE EVOLUTION OF TRAVELING COMFORT -Set includes inflatable travel pillow, light-blocking sleep mask, form fitting earplugs with reusable case, and micro carrying bag.
When deflated, the Globetrotter travel pillow set fits easily in laptop case, carry on, or purse.

Micro carrying bag allows you to store your travel pillow set when not in use to protect it from exposure to filthy airport germs.
100% Jersey Cotton travel pillow case, mask, and bag are easily spot cleaned with soap and water or machine washable *To enjoy years of benefit from your Globetrotter Travel Pillow Set, we recommend waiting until your flight has reached near cruising altitude to inflate your pillow. This significantly protects the integrity of the pillow seams due to pressurization in flight.

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