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Introducing the Blackhawk, TASCO's new high-performance, high quality three-position earmuff.
All TASCO Cap-Mount style earmuffs feature the exclusive TENSION ADJUSTMENT that allows the user to increase or decrease the band force of the earmuff. With the same features as our high end Golden Eagle, the Sound Star is lighter and has a lower profile. The Sound Shield is the highest rated cap-mounted earmuff on the market with a certified 28 NRR. All TASCO products are made in the USA and are tested in an independent NVLAP certified facility. 3M introduces Peltor Combat Arms earplugs that can be utilized for both outdoor as well as indoor use. 3M introduces the Peltor Junior Earmuff Blue especially for children to protect them from harmful noises. Honeywell introduces Howard Leight Impact Pro Electronic Shooting Earmuffs that offers 30 ultimate noise reduction rating.
3M introduces the Peltor H10A Optime 105 Earmuff that provides ultimate ear protection upto 105 dBA. Honeywell introduces electronic acoustic earmuffs to shield your ears plus converse clearly at the gunfire range.
Caldwell presents the Low Profile E-Max Electronic Ear Muffs that finds great applications in shotgun shooters and action shoots. Howard Leight introduces the Impact Sport OD Electric Earmuff that makes it a top of our list. Howard Leight earmuffs are used by sport shooters, military personnel, police, and hobbyists. Howard Leight sound amplification earmuffs are designed to give shooters the best of both worlds: instantaneous protection from hazardous noise, along with distortion-free amplification of low level sounds such as range commands and conversation. The Howard Leight passive hearing protection line provides consistent, passive noise protection — making it an excellent choice for hunters and shooters on a budget. Amplifies low-level sounds and conversation while reducing harmful gunfire or impulse noise above 82dB.
For hearing protection, you can take the inexpensive route, using a combination of earplugs and good passive earmuffs, and you will probably spend less than $50.
When I began shooting pistols I used the Howard Leight Impact? Sport Earmuffs from Cabelas, retailing at about $50.
After three years of fairly steady use, I began to experience discomfort because these earmuffs were pressing the temples of my shooting glasses against my head, giving me a headache. Shooting glasses are absolutely critical to protecting your eyes from burned powder particles and the occasional flying debris.

Since I need prescription glasses, after a number of false starts I have settled on American Optical ?Original Pilot? sunglasses frames with ?bayonet? temples, which allow the glasses to be put on and removed without taking off your earmuffs. Belt: You will need a real shooting belt and holster, because not having one puts you at an immediate disadvantage. Holster: Competition holsters have evolved into something that you would probably never use for any other purpose, but they are so widely used in USPSA that you would be at an immediate disadvantage without one. My G34 has a high (.300?) front sight, and I have seen scratches in the holster where the front sight is dragging as the pistol is drawn and re-holstered.
Magazine Pouches: You will need three to four magazine pouches on your belt, and there are again lots of alternatives to choose from. Yes, that?s a lot of money compared to the cost of the one that came with your Glock, but this is another essential piece of gear that makes the magazine-loading task very easy. Range Bag: To carry your ammo, tools, parts, water, magazine loader, and other gadgets, you will need a decent range bag. Close-fitting shirt, Hat: Plan to wear a shirt that fits closely around your waist, so that it won?t bunch up and get caught between your pistol and your holster. The Golden Eagle combines an ultra-soft head pad, Soft-Seal™ ear cushions, very low headband force and two point suspension stainless steel headbands to produce a comfort level that you would not believe possible in a muff this effective. The Sound Star delivers exceptional performance and comfort using the same premium headband and cushions as the Golden Eagle.
Its ultra light and low profile design give the Sound Star an edge over conventional earmuffs.
The Silhouette uses all premium components and materials to achieve the ultimate in lightweight comfort and wearability.
This lightweight and comfortable earmuff features our patented Soft-Seal™ ear cushions and new foam head pad. Super comfort, quality and incredible price make the Zephyr the ultimate "economy" earmuff.
Tapered ear cups and neckband design makes the Slimline the perfect product for use with most welding helmets, hard hats and bump caps.
Fits all major slotted hard hats and features our exclusive TENSION ADJUSTMENT that allows you to increase or decrease the band force providing improved sealing properties regardless of the hard hat size.
With an extra low profile and Soft-Seal™ cushions, it's easy to see why everyone is wearing them. During shooting, there is intense pressure and sound created that can cause serious damage. A variety of ear plugs today are available in the market to serve various different applications. The earplugs get molded into shape in just 10 minutes with assistance of simple to use DIY kit.

Yellow end provides outdoor noise protection upto to NRR 22 Decibels while the olive side provides indoor noise protection upto NRR 22 Decibels. These earmuffs dampen damaging noises while not removing useful sounds such as adult instructions.
Made entirely in the USA with premium components, stainless steel wire bands and our Soft-Seal™ cushions.
The Silhouette folds into an ultra compact shape and is so comfortable, you'll forget it's on. The Sound Shield comes standard with a crown strap, our special wrap-around head pad and Soft-Seal™ ear cushions. Headband may be rotated in three positions; over the head, behind the head and under the chin. The Golden Eagle uses our Soft-Seal™ ear cushions for superior comfort and performance. It enable dozens of applications such as assembly lines, auto races, construction, factories, farming, flying, lawn care, shooting sports, sporting events, swimming, etc.
These earplugs are manufactured using soft polymer which provides all day comfort without any irritation. This in enabled with help of single cup solid design, best materials used and dual layer sound dampening foam. Simply an amazing product for an amazing price and its the only 29 NRR three position earmuff made in the USA. Ear plugs being simple to utilize, comfortable to put on and prevent hearing damage from earsplitting noises. Law enforcement agencies and military prefer these earplugs as they have no valves that wear out. Its design features extensive sealing rings containing fluid and foam to ensure long lasting ear protection. The Twin-Cup proprietary design grants comfort and luxury and the stainless steel headband distributes weight granting a reduced pressure fit.
If noise level exceeds 85 dB, microphones switch-off for a fraction of a second to protect your hearing.
They are recommended by physicians and find use such as protecting hearing, blocking snoring, blocking out loud sounds or decrease noise at concerts. The ear muffs fit cozily on your head with its snug fit design and the artificial leather is simple to clean.

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