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I have found that many of my hearing aid patients insist on wearing their hearing aids when they go hunting so that they can hear the animal when it approaches. After educating patients on the effects of noise and hearing, it speaks well of your relationship with your patients that they tell you they wear their hearing aids hunting! If the hunter wears vented hearing aids while hunting, the noise from the gun has a direct path to their ear that no amount of compression or lowered output can decrease- so in effect they are not wearing any protection at all. If the hunter wears an unvented aid or earmold, then we all know about occlusion loss that occurs with an unvented device, and that occlusive property could actually act as a modicum of protection.
Ideally, no one would wear a device designed to amplify sounds for hunting, but the ideal and the reality are often worlds apart. Hunters with limited hearing loss can benefit greatly from a quality set of the best hearing aids for hunting. Primos Boost Series Hearing enhancement and protection devices are designed to allow both increased hearing and hearing protection while afield.

We also offer the best in Medicare Supplement & Medicare Advantage Plans along with Part D Pescription Drug Plans for California Seniors turning 65 or all those (including Federally Disabled) new to Medicare Part B . I have also had some patients who are not hearing aid candidates that want the best hearing aids for hunting. As for the second part of the question: I would NEVER fit someone with hearing aids if they are not a candidate. Hunters with moderate hearing loss have indicated to me that they feel safer hunting with their friends if they can hear the others (hard to argue with this).
The best hearing aid for hunting will have safeguards built in for the sudden bang of the gun. If they insist on finding out more about amplifiers for hunting- even after we talk about the damage that noise can do to their hearing, I direct them to the Cabella’s catalog or to any number of sporting good stores that specialize in hunting and be very clear that I do not endorse this practice. Her audiological experience includes research and development, product management and education and training for major hearing instrument manufacturers.

But with digital hearing aids, I can set the output and compression to limit the amount of noise allowed. On the other hand we have a responsibility to educate our patients on the potential damage to their hearing while wearing best hearing aids for hunting. She also provides educational seminars on the dangers of excessive noise exposure to school age children. I don’t want to encourage, yet I know that they will wear best hearing aids for hunting anyway.

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