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Before the introduction of smart jewelry, humans have been adorning their bodies with shiny things for tens of thousands of years.
But with technological advancements putting more power into smaller spaces, the era of smart jewelry is now upon us, and bling can do all sorts of things. With so many products in the tech sector having an unspoken aim at male consumers, it’s almost a relief to finally see products made with women in mind. Anyone with a feminist streak could rightly argue that it took long enough for the tech sector to catch on to the purchasing power that women have. The wrist seems like a good place to start, since it’s probably where most people think of placing a wearable. It does everything that the acclaimed Misfit Shine tracker does (steps, calories, distance, sleep), but the Swarovski Activity Crystal looks a whole lot nicer and makes for a great gift. Finland’s Polar has also established a working relationship with Swarovski to provide a more feminine look to its popular Loop fitness tracker. The Cuff device fits into a variety of specially designed funky bracelets to connect its female wearer in a few different ways.
More importantly, though, it can send out a safety alerts to specified contacts if the wearer is in trouble or threatened — an extremely useful feature for women to have on their wrists. This piece of smart jewelry from Intel rings up at a whopping $495, making it the most expensive offering on our list. Gemio is an upcoming piece of smart jewelry that aims to keep wearers connected with social networks like Snapchat, Instagram, and others.
Wristify may look like a chunky piece of costume jewelry, but it’s actually a brilliant way to keep you feeling comfortable.
Beacon & Lively’s Beacon smart bracelet may be one of the more elegantly designed pieces on our list. Another sleek and attractive smart bracelet, WiseWear’s smart bracelet collection offers a number of features that any woman will find helpful. Netatmo’s June smart wristlet is a lovely smart device that measures your sun exposure and lets you know when it’s time to perhaps go indoors or apply more sunscreen. The Sona Connected Bracelet by Caeden is a health wearable that tracks activity, measures your heart rate variability, and offers several breathing and meditation exercises to help you regain your center and focus. While the Zazzi smart notification device can be worn as a pendant or as a ring, we think it looks best on the wrist. That charm around your neck may add an interesting focal point to an outfit, but what does it actually do?
It looks like an innocent, fun leaf charm on a chain, but the Bellabeat Leaf is a fully-fledged fitness and sleep tracker. The Vinaya Altruis collection comes in necklaces, bracelets, and rings, but we’ve included it in our necklace category because it’s such an elegant pendant. The problem with most smart jewelry is that there’s no display; you get a notification, but you still have to pull out your smartphone to see what’s going on.
Neyya’s device offers a function that no other piece of smart jewelry can deliver: it helps you give presentations because it acts as a remote control. Forget Brangelina and the Beckhams, these old school couples made love look chic, cool and achingly glamorous. The bar at The ArchWhy go:Marylebone combines old London charm ? all twinkly street lights, leafy squares and York stone pavements ? with a location that?s pretty much unrivalled for huge shopping opportunities.
The questions YOU ask during a job interview are just as important as the answers you give.

In today?s overstretched, overscheduled world, we feel like we are constantly reacting and not really in control of our days. Choosing which new designers ? and most importantly, which pieces ? to invest in can be tricky, especially when it comes to the personal matter of jewellery. There are fitness trackers, of course, but smart jewelry can also sync with smartphones to alert wearers to new messages or other notifications. You’d never know from just looking that any of these pieces of jewelry has a smart component.
For the most part, smart jewelry isn’t made for men but OK for women, and it’s not the same old products just colored pink. Manufacturers are finally realizing that “controlling the purse strings” isn’t just an outdated saying. It’s a bona fide sector of the wearables market, with dozens of products already available and more on the way. It makes sense: lots of fitness trackers are wristlets, and wrist watches have been more popular than the pocket variety since the mid 20th Century.
Misfit’s partnership with Austrian glass manufacturer Swarovski has produced one of the most attractive, feminine, and functional pieces of smart jewelry out there.
The Loop Crystal is a glittery white bangle with an all-day fitness tracker and smart coach tucked inside. First, it buzzes with smart notifications from a synced smartphone so that important calls and texts aren’t missed.
However, for that money, you get a device that operates separately from your smartphone; it has its own number that you can give out at your discretion. It can also be synced with friends’ Gemios so that wearers know when their pals are in close proximity. At the wearer’s control, the bracelet will heat up or cool down to keep your body’s temperature to your liking.
Its virtue is its aesthetic simplicity: a simple metal cuff bracelet with a stripe that illuminates in different colors, all of which you choose from a color wheel, to let you know that you’ve got a text, an email, or some other detail that requires your attention. First, it’s a complete activity tracker, keeping tabs on steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, and minutes active. With skin cancer affecting over 3.5 million people, and with sun exposure being one of the top skin aging accelerators, the information that June provides can keep you healthy and help you look your best.
It does everything that an everyday tracker would do, like steps, calories, distance, and even elevation. Thanks to the newly announced Rebecca Minkoff smart jewelry collection, you won’t have to make the choice.
It’s a simple and attractive tight-fitting bangle, and while it will probably appeal to more women than men, it’s actually designed for both genders. It’s a big device, thanks to its 1.44 inch epaper display, but that screen size offers you a lot of easy-to read information and can also display the image of your choosing. Plus, the device can be held against the torso to lead the wearer through several breathing exercises to improve calm and focus. A smart notification pendant, the goal of the Altruis is to get you away from screens and help you be more present in your everyday life.
If you prefer your adornments on the minimal side, take a look at one of these smart rings.
Using the corresponding app, you can set up this chunky smart ring to alert you through lights and buzzes when you get a new text, email, phone call, or any other notification.

True, it’s probably not a piece of bling that you’d wear all day, every day, but if your job demands lots of public speaking and Powerpoint-type communications, it might be a good investment in your performance and polish.
The ability to make contactless payments is its big selling point, but it can do much more: store information for contacts, emergency personnel, and medical details, work as a key for NFC-enabled locks, and, if you live in London, get you on and off the Tube faster.
So if you?re searching for the next-big-thing in rings, necklaces, and so forth, having knowledgeable ad experienced online shoppers (hi there!) to whittle down the selection certainly helps. Watches could tell you the time of day, and conspicuous rings could reveal your relationship status, but for the most part, jewelry equalled flash: a bit of spangle to dress up your look and make you stand out. NFC payment capabilities are also being built in, mood and body metrics can be regulated from the wrist, and there are even features to keep women safe. The majority of smart jewelry is actually designed for women from the ground up in terms of functionality, appearance, and size.
While it may look a bit formal for the running trails, this is one piece of smart jewelry that adds a beautiful and deceptively athletic accent to any woman’s wrist. There’s a small display on the bracelet’s underside, you get onboard GPS, and it’s made from luxurious materials: snake skin with pearls or tiger’s eye and obsidian. If this sounds like smart jewelry designed for teenage girls, you’re right: it’s highly social, and the look can be customized through the corresponding app with a variety of colors and patterns. It may sound like technological snake oil, but consider how warming your hands by a fire can help you feel less chilly; it’s the same concept.
The company’s notification bracelet acts as a trendy and beautiful extension of your smartphone, giving you a quick buzz when a call or text is coming in. It’s definitely among the more techy-looking pieces of smart jewelry out there, but if you’re not afraid of looking a little less glamorous and a little more connected, Zazzi might be the device for you. You can set up filters so that your necklace alerts you only if messages from select contacts are received, keeping you connected while also keeping you engaged with the real world.
There’s still no display on this cool-looking smart pendant, but there is a small embedded projector; hold up your hand, and the incoming text or call will be projected onto it.
The company’s new Aires collection puts the same functionality plus step tracking on the wrist, but it’s tough to beat the discreetness of a smart finger adornment. It’s all highly functional, and (with some wiggle room for personal tastes) it all looks great.
Finally, it offers a distress signalling feature that alerts designated contacts that you may be in trouble, even using your phone’s GPS to send your exact location. And, as with other trackers for women, if you’d rather wear the opal as a clip or a necklace, you can easily do just that. VIP settings in the app can restrict whose messages come through to your wrist, making it a surprisingly versatile piece of fashion tech. But we probably don?t need to sell this ? the model shots do it all and more.An envy-inducing masterclass in how to wear jewellery, the models which decorate the brands website show just how to incorporate their cool designs into your new season wardrobe.
WiseWear smart bracelets come in both gold and palladium versions, with three designs offered in each material.
Every now and then you come across a brand or store and wonder how you life ever existed without it.

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