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Etymotic's HD-15 High-Definition electronic earplugs let users hear normally when things are quiet, but kick in when sudden loud noises occur. If you work someplace where sudden loud noises frequently but intermittently occur, it can get kind of frustrating - you pretty much have to choose between protecting your hearing with ear plugs, or being able to hear what people are saying when it isn't noisy.
Not only do the HD-15s not impede hearing when it isn't noisy, but with the flick of a built-in switch, they can also amplify ambient sound by 15 decibels.
Sensear utilizes a similar system, in which directional microphones enhance speech, but block other sounds. The HD-15 High-Definition electronic earplugs are available for US$499 via the Etymotic website.
It’s a well known fact that getting the right amount of quality sleep is essential to your health and well being. Some people will take measures to soundproof their home or individual rooms in order to reduce the amount of noise.
There are plenty of ways to do this to your home as well, and I would recommend starting here. There are white noise generating devices that will help cancel out the distracting background, or you can try wearing a pair of noise reducing headphones or ear plugs.
The AcousticSheep SleepPhones is a noise cancelling headphone made of a soft headband, with a pair of tiny speakers embedded in the fabric.
The speakers are thin and flat to be as least intrusive as possible, and the cord comes out the rear of the headband so it won’t get tangled on anything. Music has been shown to improve sleep quality, so you can plug the headphones into your mp3 player or radio to send you off to dream land. The headband itself is made of a silky soft fleece material that is comfortable to wear all night.
Most sleep masks only cover your eyes, but the Dreamcatcher also covers your ears to block out sound, and acts as a small pillow wrapped around your head.
The mask is made from a quality cotton material, and it‘s gentle on your skin and will stay as cool as possible.
Let’s say you tried both headphones and ear plugs for sleeping, but just cannot get comfortable enough to get a full nights sleep. Basically, these devices produce a sound called white noise that helps mask out background noise like streets, voices, and the dreaded snoring.
Choose great earplugs so you can sleep well!If your spouse snores or you can't sleep because the city noise is too loud, buying the best noise cancelling ear plugs for sleeping is probably the best thing you can do.
If you can't get a good night's sleep because of the noise surrounding you (it really doesn't matter what is the source of the noise), you probably want to do something about it.
Hearos Ultimate Softness, 20-Pair Foam (Pack of 2)If you're looking for the most popular earplugs, Hearos Ultimate Softness are the ones you're looking for.
Hearos Xtreme Protection, 14-Pair Foam (Pack of 3)If you're looking for ear plugs that offer EXTREME noise isolation, Hearos Xtreme Protection earplugs are the way to go. Apothecary Products Flents Quiet Please Foam Ear Plugs 50-PairIf you're looking for inexpensive ear plugs that work very well, Quiet Please Foam Ear Plugs are one of the best possible choices for you! They aren't as good at isolating noise as the Hearos described above, but in many cases you don't really need that good noise isolation. Flents Quiet Please Foam Ear Plugs 25 PairIf you wish, you can buy a 25-pair pack of Flents Quiet Please Foam instead of a 50-pair package described above.
Mack's Ear Care Ultra Soft Foam Earplugs, 50 CountIf you're looking for affordable foam earplugs, Mack's Ear Care Ultra Soft Foam Earplugs are a great choice as well. They block noise well and are very comfortable - if you're trying to get some sleep with someone is watching TV in the neighboring room, they'll do their job and you'll sleep well. The health risks listed above might seem a little scary, but if you'll follow a few basic guidelines, chances of suffering from one of the health risks associated to long-term use of ear plugs are minimal (or almost non-existent). 6Aging & LongevityRoom Monitors for Elderly - Monitoring for Seniors and HandicappedCaregivers often use room monitors to make sure they have the situation under control when doing some house chores in other rooms.
Overall Ankit, you've won the Val-Cave challenge with your earplugs that offer up all that great sound and design quality; definitely worth the investment for anyone looking for a unique pair of plugs. You could try some extra padding in the seat and armrests, wear insulated overall and a thick winter hat. I know what you mean about the silicone type hurting after a while, but if they are working, you may just have to suffer to protect your hearing. They make electronic noise cancelling muffs, I've never tried them, but they might do the trick here. PS : There was a vendor ( that I missed ) , that made moulds of your ear canals , and turned them into form fitting plugs , that you got from the lab later .

After a lot of experimenting, I ended up with those yellow silicone triple cone plugs, shown in PeterJ's post. Your basic earplugs, unfortunately, don't let you hear when things are quiet, but then activate when loud noises occur. The QUIETPRO+ Intelligent Hearing System also uses an integrated microphone to detect loud noises, at which point its noise-reduction function kicks in. It appears that one advantage that the HD-15s have over QUIETPRO+ and Sensear is that everything is contained with the plugs themselves, with no additional hardware required. The company also makes versions optimized for people shooting guns, and for military applications. But what if you have to work the overnight shift, or have to deal with disruptive noise that prevents you from getting that restful nights sleep?
But let’s say you are renting an apartment, or you cannot afford to remodel in order to soundproof your home, what can you do then? When evaluating noise cancelling headphones for sleeping, the first thing you need to ask yourself is if you think you will be comfortable enough to sleep with headphones over your head or foam earplugs pushed in your ears. I recommend you run the cord down the back of your night shirt so that it doesn’t wrap around your head if you happen to be one who tosses and turns.
Some people say that it slips down on them, or turns causing the speakers to move, but they just might not have the correct size for their head. The Dreamcatcher Mask may look like a medieval knight’s helmet, but it is actually a pretty solid set of noise reducing sleep headphones. Too much insulation on sleep masks can make you sweat, and that’s not a pleasant thing.
With the background noise muted or greatly reduced, it gives your mind a chance to relax and stop focusing on those sound patterns, allowing you to get the rest you need and deserve. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
Some people look for earmuffs, other choose earplugs or sleep with noise cancelling headphones, it all depends what's most comfortable for you. If you're not comfortable wearing them, there's only a small chance that you'll get a good night's sleep while wearing them. There's probably one more thing you should know - they're that good in blocking sounds, that I recommend you should set up a REALLY loud alarm, so it'll surely wake you up.
Every pack has 14 pair of soft foam ear plugs and every one of them has noise reduction rating of 33 decibels. If you live in a very noisy place, or your spouse snores extremely loud (consider visiting a doctor with that), these ear buds are made for you! One pack of these gives you 50 pair of foam ear plugs that have a noise reduction rating of 29 decibels.
The noise reduction rating of these ear plugs is 32 dB and one pack contains 50 pair of them. They definitely won't help you a lot if you're sleeping with a loudly snoring spouse, but they're a great choice if would like to turn sounds of your surroundings lower. These earplugs don't work for sleeping, but you might find them useful at concerts, movies or everywhere else where's just a little too loud.
So JayDub (Dude over at 2D-X) and I were chillin the last day of CES, perusing the show floor and scopin some last minute gadgetry when we were yanked over to this booth by this hottie, askin us to check out these earbuds. With Bloomingbuds, you have to clip a bud on each ear and yea you can mix and match designs. AblePlanet NC-200 a€“ The NC-200 was the best of the best when it comes to headphones offering crystal clear audio, a really rich bass, audio clarity that surpassed most high-end headphones. And to be honest I tried them out on the showfloor, but I had not plugged them all the way into my ears, so yea I was a bit skeptical.
Out of TOV 5 stars I gave Ankit's plugs a 5 Star perfect store and they've been Valkor tested and TOV approved. After a rash of hearing loss law suits , hearing protection became compulsory , so I got to try many types of earplugs .
They don't have the attenuation of some foam plugs, however on the other hand once they're in you don't notice they're there. I do a mixture of woodworking (with routers, etc.) and metal working, and need protection that I can put in and out quickly, but sometimes wear for several hours.
It additionally features a conductive microphone that is located inside the user's ear canal, so they can talk to other people by radio without unfiltered background noise drowning out their voice. It’s not for everyone, and you may discover after some use that a white noise generator is the best option for you after all.

Most people will tell you that this product will take a little bit of time to get used to, but when you do it is an effective tool. Be aware that ear plugs are not the most comfortable to sleep on either, it’s mostly a matter of how much sound reduction you need and personal preference. They are made from super soft foam, yet still achieve a noise reduction ratio (NRR) of 33 dB. If you're a side sleeper, choosing ear plugs seems to be obvious - little plugs won't make you feel uncomfortable while lying on the side.
If they don't fit well, they won't do their job and the background noise will still be there, loud as usually. People love that they're both effective and comfortable, so you won't wake up with sore ear canals. One of the reviewers described how these ear plugs work: "it was just like turning the volume down on the stereo". As soon as we get there my Skull Candy sticker that was strapped to my badge holder was stripped and I knew then it was "on!" There's a new company called Ankit and they want you to know that their earplugs are the shit and everyone elses just eats ita€¦ well not everyonea€¦ just Skullcandya€¦ and maybe Bose, in certain cases. But with Ankit's set on each bud you get a pretty swank, metallic design already attached a€“ no pop-out. Also the drivers in the plugs are shielded by a metal inlay offering some noise-cancelling.
Then steps in Ankit and they edge close to their quality with Ankit's G-Bass, which is just below that of the NC-200.
I had a lot of trouble getting foam plugs to seal properly, and muffs were too much trouble over respirator masks. Etymotic Research's HD-15 High-Definition electronic earplugs contain tiny microphones, that instantaneously cause the plugs to block incoming sound waves when they detect noises over a given threshold. That's why foam ear plugs are very popular - they are both comfortable and fit to every kind of ear. Choose from a Skull, a bear, a butterfly, or snake; yea from experience, people will stare. Any type of a foam that you compressed before inserting , felt like it kept growing , and was also uncomfortable after a short time . Getting plugs to work is all about getting them to seal and for me, this style works better than any others that I've tried. If the Xtreme ear plugs are quite doing it for you, then try the Hearos Ultimate Softness Series, which also have a high NRR of 32 dB, but feature even softer foam. To put them in you just need to roll the tips between your fingers and insert them into ears before they expand to normal size. So I snag a set, unleash the fury of the cave's circuitry upon it and though I gave it all I've got, in the end Ankit stayed true to their word and their earbuds are pretty "bad ass" in sound and design. Finally the plugs are ergonomic in that they kinda slant in rather than plug straight forward. I have a pair of silicone plugs on a string that do seal out enough noise, but I have to push them in allll the way to get it quiet enough, and then they hurt my ear canals, and hurt more when I pull them out. The only disadvantage of foam ear plugs is that it might take a couple of nights to get used to them.
This means the plugs will fit better and with different size plug covers, you'll get the most comfort. Positional sound is there and the Ankit's plugs really capture tiny background noises as well tearin it up with the bass. These look like little christmas trees with two cones and have an insertion tool on the string. You lick them to moisten them before inserting ; the three baffles keep the noise out , but they don't drive you crazy with the pressure .
I had the chance to check out my favorite video: Polar Express DVD, which is my number one audio reference video. I barely knew they were in my ears and I didn't have a problem with them slipping out thanks to their design. Before I get into my full-blown review, first how would Ankit's earplugs match against a similar pair of headphones.

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