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If youa€™re the one who often travel on commuter trains or airplanes, during these times there is a need to block out the outside noise in order to sleep, read, study, or work. And if travel accounts for rather large percentage of your precious time, without doubt noise cancelling headphone would help you to utilize it productively.
Study found that listening to music during sleep not only boosts the quality of sleep, it has several health benefits too.
In fact, if youa€™ve a partner who snores, without doubt listening to music is one of the most effective ways to preserve your sleep and sanity. Depending on your circumstances youa€™ve two main choices: you can either use a set of fabric headphones for sleeping, or you can use more high-tech noise cancelling headphones. The major difference between them is the ability to block out the external sound effectively. While the noise cancelling headphones are very good at blocking out the external noise very effectively with superior sound quality, but they perhaps not so comfortable for side sleepers. On the other hand, fabric headphones are also good at blocking out the external sound but dona€™t do so well like a noise cancelling headphone, for example blocking loud snoring noise or airplane engine noise, etc., but theya€™re relatively more comfortable to sleep on your side.
What Are The Best Noise Cancelling Headphones For Sleeping?My extensive research to finding the best for each category in terms of quality, durability, comfortability, usera€™s reviews, and of course the price, is finally led me to the Acousticsheep sleepphones, and Bose quiet comfort 20i acoustic noise cancelling headphones. Acousticsheep Sleepphones For SleepingNothing can be compared with the feelings at the morning, just after a good quality sleep at night.

On a whole, this headphone looks like a headband with a wire, which is very lightweight, made of with soft materials, and very comfortable to wear. Therefore, this superbly designed headphone would be a perfect solution for these circumstances. It comes with 3.5mm mini jack, so you can connect it with almost any audio device from your iPod, iPhone, MP3 players, to white noise machine, or any other audio devices. Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones For Sleeping a€“ Quietcomfort 20iBose doesna€™t need any introduction. The noise cancelling technology behind this small, lightweight, earphone is simply unbelievable. So if youa€™re looking for the best noise cancelling headphone available in the market with combination of very good sound and the ultimate comfort and convenience, and all that comes in very small lightweight package then the Q20i is for you. 6Special Tips for TravelSleeping on Airplanes, Tips for Decent Sleeps, Naps on Long Flightsby Dr. The cable provides an adjustable amount of slack and references vintage-style guitar cables. Noise cancelling headphones do work for sleeping, even in some circumstances theya€™re a life saver. Very often these people-filled environments can be noisy and very distracting, especially when combined with the noise produced by the airplane, train, or bus itself.

If youa€™re dealing with poor sleep and tried almost everything possible to get a quality sleep, this headphone would be of a great help to increase the quality of your life. In other words, if youa€™re often sleep on your side, then wearing a pair of earbuds for the whole night may not be so comfortable.
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