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If you plan to spend less than $50 for compact and solid headphones–earbuds style, believe it or not there are a lot of good choices for you. For anyone wanting to experience in ear canal sound, Check out best budget earbuds for $30 or less.
If you’re willing to spend a little bit more but not more than 50 bucks, you will find the sound slightly improved and get some more features such as ANC, wireless connection, or better fit with earhooks. Some earbuds typically come with the active noise cancelling (ANC), which really helps if you want to shut off the noisy world whenever traveling on public transportation such as trains, or planes. A headphones is one of the essential items every traveller needs with a good ANC function, comfortble and snug fit. Customized with sound signature–enhanced bass, the Sony MDRXB50AP looks stylish and fashionable and pumps the subtantial bass. MDR-AS41EX B is truly the earbuds for sports because they have soft hangers worn behind ears. While folks claimed some sort of microphonics existed with wired earbuds, a set of Bluetooth headphones for running is not a bad idea, and IanSean Muset1 does the job.
You could hear some noises that come from noticeable microphonics-sound caused by the motions of the Nylon cable.
Above are best earbuds you could find under $50, that will provide you with the excellent sound for the money in term of cleaness and a level of high-fidelidy. Some folks still think It’d be better to have a bluetooth speaker or soundbar (much better with home theater system) to fill the entire room with sound instead of just their ears. If you are still struggling with the earbuds falling out check out how to wear earbuds properly. We round-up the best of the best – from in-ear to on-ear, wireless to noise-cancelling – to bring you the ultimate headphones buying guide. Since the rise of the iPod and MP3 player, and more recently smartphones and tablets, the popularity of headphones has rocketed - and so too has the choice available on the market. We're big fans of Sennheiser's over-ear Momentum headphones, and this in-ear version is just as desirable - no wonder they're our headphone Product of the Year for 2015.
We've always been fans of a good pair of on-ear headphones: for listening at home and on the move, and the Y50s feature arguably the best combination of sound performance and portability.

Their bold look is perhaps a little out of character for the Austrian company, but it’s a clear step to attract a younger market.
The K550s are big in every way, with large earpieces featuring 50mm drivers, a broad headband, and a long, chunky cable. The N60s are ultra-portable and offer brilliant noise-cancellation, leaving them free to present a punchy, musical, balanced sound. Soul Electronics might be up against household headphone brands, but win extra points for practicality and performance. Improving on their E10 predecessor in almost every way, the E10Ss deliver greater refinement and minimise harshness at the top end. The SoundMagic E10Ss look, feel and sound like they’re worth way more than ?40 but at that price, replacing the cheap freebie buds that come with any smartphone with these is a no-brainer. If you want to make the most of the iPhone's audio quality and hear your music at its best, you should invest in a decent pair of earphones, such as these Sennheiser Momentum M2 IEis (see above). I can’t even begin to count how many earbuds there are of decent quality so the best way to decide what pair is right for you is by specifying what they are for?
Among these cheap earbuds, the Brainwavz Delta, which have a crisp bass, and stand out from the crowd for durability and their fairly good sound quality. The other set, Panasonic RP-TCM125 Ergo Fit, is still my favorite set. ATH-ANC23 earbuds, the active noise cancelling headphones, offer good sound quality while the ANC is functional properly (Read reviews). Frequent flyers, travellers or those who need a quiet space with music in the background to work will value ANC.
The detail and clearity over the ranges will not be affected much by the the powerful bass that is most suitable for some music genres such as dance, hip-hop, rap, and R&B.
For those of you who are not comfortable with the hangers, the JLab JBuds EPIC has cush fins that are very good at keeping the earbuds from falling out. Yet, don’t expect that they have the superior sound quality that will blow your mind while you take a rest having a cup of coffee and enjoying music. The bass is not perfectly tuned because in the entire range it is not well balanced, but the treble is bright and clear with detail.
If you think wood can bring about other aspects of sound, you’re right since wood is the material that reflects sound and absorbs the sound differently.

The noise-isolation of the eartips should be improved for better music experience and  to prevent sound leakage. Whether you're after the best wireless, Bluetooth or noise-cancelling cans, and whether you prefer in-ear or over-ear, we've got it covered. Despite looking like a pair of road-digger's ear-defenders, they're relatively light and comfortable.
However, If you think the sound quality is the most important, they may not be the best for you because the sound significantly degrades if the ANC is turned off and the white noise presents at the average level.
The bad thing about these earbuds is that they are rather large and there’s a lack on inline-volume control.
Unlike Symphonized NRG offering a somewhat distinct taste, M5 generally brings about the best audio experience for this range for all kinds of music. Take the advantages of the acoustical properties of wood, the Symphonized NRG, a premium Geniune wood earbuds, was designed to tune the original acoustic sounds. Jlab would be perfect if they tune stronger bass and better clarity in all ranges. The treble is crunchy at the upper level near the end of high. Some users report the problem with durability, bluetooth connection and a charging problem they encounter after hitting them on the run for a while. In addition, earbuds, the ears’ best friends, are the important items you need for running and other fitness activities. Finally, it is for sitting at table and enjoying music rather than for working out. If you seek a set of quality earbuds, definitely you can go for Symphonized NRG. Soundpeats Qy7 Mini is another option and seems like a wise choise if you don’t like the design of IanSean and need a more secure fit.

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