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And they're a nice cheaper option for those of you who want good sound quality and a comfortable fit. On the images the middle signal is the radio station – that should not be there, smaller peak is better. USB plug metal connected to 1m coax: coax cable center conductor connected to the metal support of the USB plug.
USB plug metal connected to 12V car battery negative (-) terminal: noise almost completely eliminated. USB plug support connected to 10m coax, RTL stick nesting in the middle: noise completely eliminated. Do not remove the other end of the USB extension lead, the one going into the computer USB port, no further reduction realized, but the extension cable will easily come out of the port. A simple solution is to place cables and extension leads into a computer case or a similar metal enclosure.
In the following example, unmodified original RTL stick, no antenna so it only picks up noise, connected with 1.24m (5 foot) USB extension cable. Best is no electricity: listen to a far-flung Caribbean station in candlelight with your significant other. 6-7 dB reduction of noise visible, audible decrease of the FM station with 4 turns on a ferrite ring and ferrite beads on the USB cable (USB plug metal removed both ends).

Stick wrapped in alu foil, foil touching the metal part of the USB plug, connected by an USB extension cable with the metal removed. If you chase very weak signals, such as shortwave with an upconverter, or a weather satellite just on your horizon you need the best noise reduction solution.
Noise as called here (same thing, complicated words):  electromagnetic interference (EMI) or radio frequency interference (RFI). Note on Nooelec: As their customer support might recommend the hardware guide on this blog, Nooelec sent a free RTL-SDR stick to my former high school physics lab. I have really small ears, too, and every pair of earbuds I've owned has ripped my poor ears apart, but I really can not afford to spend $45 bucks + shipping on earbuds! I'm pretty petite (5'2"), and my ears are tiny (every doctor I've seen has made some comment about them!
Wrap the center conductor of coax around the metal part of the USB plug, then place the stick in the middle of coiled coax. Without an antenna any signal received is by the RTL stick and the cables, and you do not want that. I bought some cheap earbuds that aren't too bad, but if I move around to much, they fall out. Installing noise reducing curtains to your window will help you reduce the noise outside to have more peaceful rest.There are some types of curtains that designed to reduce noise outside your house.

So, you will not only get more privacy, but also get more peaceful house that is noisy free. Acoustical curtain is a good option for reducing noise outside your house since this curtain is specially designed for that purpose. This curtain should be installed overlap your windows or openings, not just meet the edges. Another option of noise reducing curtains that can be installed to your window is blackout curtain. This curtain is a thick and dense fabric featured with a backing material to block light and reduce noise.
You don’t need to be really effected by the name, “blackout” since it comes in various colors although it called as blackout curtain.
Hang double layer of curtains to your window can be another alternative to reduce noise outside your house.
This allows an air gap between eh two layers that can help to absorb sound and reduce noise.There are some types of noise reducing curtains for giving you more peaceful place to rest and sleep in your home.

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