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If you are looking forward to buying a good, high quality noise cancelling headphone, here is where to begin from. Its Triport acoustic design with its perfect fitting ear cups throws you right into the heart of whatever you ‘re using it for, music, movies or game. This is proprietary to Bose and consists of tiny openings in the ear cups that allows for a balanced audio experience. Inline microphone provides for hands-free calling and Voice Over and Voice Control functions on iphone. Soft, cushioned ear cups gently envelopes your ears, immersing you into a comfortable and pleasurable audio experience.
Why is the Bose AE2i so popular among several users – music junkies DJs, professionals, studios, young and old alike?

This headphones stands in the class of great headphones that must have been produced by Bose.
No matter the genre of music- arp, swing, rock, symphonic- it will give you clear highs and full lows.
It has an inline mic and a remote option which allows for hands-free calls on mobile phone and it also controls for your music functions.
You can switch from listening to your favorite music to making or receiving phone calls with a simple push of the button. The sound quality and spectrum gives you an audio experience that is unmatched by other conventional headphones. The ear cups are crafted such that they are soft and gently inclined to follow the contours of your ear while its headband is generously padded and adjustable to evenly spread the weight across your head.
The audio cables are attached to an ear cup each to provide for less tangling and more freedom.

They also provide security features that help the company to confirm the originality of the headphone.
In this Bose AE2i review, we give you the important facts you will need before making the decision to buy or not. It has soft, well padded ear cups that allow you to listen to your music comfortably for long hours. The audio cable are also detachable for easy storage and the ear cups fold flat talking up less space and making them easy to carry around.

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