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WIth many new headphones being unveiled at CES 2015, you might well be planning your next purchase.
Manufacturers constantly vie to produce the best sounding, or the most intuitive headphones; at this year's CES in Las Vegas it's been no different. Known for portability, comfort and noise-isolating characteristics, over- and on-ear headphones are always a popular category. AKG was out in full force to unveil a new pair of over-ear headphones, designed in collaboration with music producing legend Quincy Jones. Phaz Music introduced a pair of over-ear headphones that feature patented power-transfer technology to transfer energy from the rechargeable Li-Ion battery, directly to your mobile device and recharge it as you go. Elsewhere, House of Marley unveiled the US$250 Tribute over-ears, which feature 50mm drivers; the Legend Active Noise Cancelling over-ears, meanwhile, are due out this Autumn for US$280.
In-ear headphones have a range of uses: the morning commute, home-listening and out for that weekend jog. JBL announced some sport in-ears of its own in the form of the Reflect Response BT and Synchros S210BT. The company has also announced a pair of battery-free noise-cancelling headphones in the form of the JBL Reflect Aware. Meanwhile, House of Marley unveiled some in-ear headphones next to its over- and on-ear ranges. Although my favourite are still the Fidelio M2BT, I keep trying each single one (which has a certain quality) to add it to my comparison list.
Sorry Sir Joe, but it would take an age to compile such a list and given the number of new headphones launched at CES this year, we simply didn't have the time or resources to cover them all. We round-up the best of the best – from in-ear to on-ear, wireless to noise-cancelling – to bring you the ultimate headphones buying guide.

Since the rise of the iPod and MP3 player, and more recently smartphones and tablets, the popularity of headphones has rocketed - and so too has the choice available on the market. We're big fans of Sennheiser's over-ear Momentum headphones, and this in-ear version is just as desirable - no wonder they're our headphone Product of the Year for 2015. We've always been fans of a good pair of on-ear headphones: for listening at home and on the move, and the Y50s feature arguably the best combination of sound performance and portability. Their bold look is perhaps a little out of character for the Austrian company, but it’s a clear step to attract a younger market. The K550s are big in every way, with large earpieces featuring 50mm drivers, a broad headband, and a long, chunky cable.
The N60s are ultra-portable and offer brilliant noise-cancellation, leaving them free to present a punchy, musical, balanced sound. Soul Electronics might be up against household headphone brands, but win extra points for practicality and performance. Improving on their E10 predecessor in almost every way, the E10Ss deliver greater refinement and minimise harshness at the top end. The SoundMagic E10Ss look, feel and sound like they’re worth way more than ?40 but at that price, replacing the cheap freebie buds that come with any smartphone with these is a no-brainer. If you want to make the most of the iPhone's audio quality and hear your music at its best, you should invest in a decent pair of earphones, such as these Sennheiser Momentum M2 IEis (see above).
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Already added to cart sorry,for a reason unknown,temporarily amazestore can't take your order(s). This year saw several new pairs introduced, with the Marshall Major II (above) - announced at CES Unveiled - among the first. An "audiophile-grade" amplifier powers the 40mm drivers and a 15dB bass-boost button improves low frequencies.
CES 2015 saw a good few new pairs announced, all with these uses in mind and with new, intuitive technologies very much on the agenda.
First are the Journey BT in-ear sports headphones - wireless and aptX compatible, and having been created with "content and performance in mind". Also announced by House of Marley are the Mystic in-ears and Little Bird in-ears. Whether you're after the best wireless, Bluetooth or noise-cancelling cans, and whether you prefer in-ear or over-ear, we've got it covered. Despite looking like a pair of road-digger's ear-defenders, they're relatively light and comfortable. Taking design cues from Marshall's amplifier range, these new cans feature customised drivers that deliver "deeper bass and a more refined midrange". The cans also benefit from noise-cancellation and sound customisation technology, which promises to continually adjust bass and treble to prevent distortion. The clear and superior sound is carried through the best bluetooth headphones and offers you an awesome sound enjoyment.
In addition to the high performance of the best wireless headphones, the charming and unique design of is another selling point.

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