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Metal beads are made from base metals, precious metals, and alloys, often embellished with applied finishes including antiquing, cloisonne, enamelling and plating. We have a wide selection of good quality loose metal beads for use in your jewellery making and beading.
Metal bead designs include Bicone Metal Beads, light catching Faceted Metal Beads, Rondelle Metal Beads, Seamless Metal Beads, weighty Solid Metal Beads, dainty Spacers, functional looking Tubes and Washer Beads. Base metal beads include Raw Brass Metal Beads and rich Solid Copper Beads, whilst precious metal beads include Gold Plated Metal Beads, Silver Plated Metal Beads and Sterling Silver Metal Beads.

Before you buy metal beads from Big Bead Little Bead have a look at our Vintage Metal Beads category, where you will find metal beads for sale, all with added history! Decorative metal beads include Cloisonne Beads, pierced Filigree Metal Beads, corrugated or Fluted Metal Beads, Flower Beads, glittering Stardust Metal Beads and larger metal focal beads. Applied finishes include Antique Gold Metal Beads, Black Antique Metal Beads, Bronze Metal Beads, and contemporary Gunmetal Metal Beads. Metal beads are often hollow to reduce weight and cost, making threading difficult, so the use of a stiff needle is recommended.

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