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Imagine arriving refreshed after a long flight or long train trip, shutting out unwanted distractions in a noisy ambiance or be some meters away from the audio source. Silence is deemed relevant when taking examinations, practising meditation, and failing arguments. Passionate music listeners, soap opera addicts, and focused gamers shut out the world with a Blaupunkt Comfort 112 Noise Cancelling headphones. One good thing about the Comfort 112 is the freedom to choose whether or not you want to use the noise cancellation feature. Subscribe to Groupon newsletters and find out when this or a similar deal is available again.

Todaya€™s Groupon contradicts silence with a Blaupunkt Comfort 112 Noise Cancelling headphones for RM320 from LazadaA with free nationwide delivery.
Apart from being compatible with normal gadgets such as MP3 and DVD players, Blaupunkt headphones are also friendly with in-flight entertainment systems and dashing cabin crews, making long journeys companionable.
With the Comfort 112, you can still use the headphones with no batteries and still get a solid bass kick, defined vocals, and crisp treble. Our deals offer discounts up to 70% on Shopping, Beauty, Restaurant, Leisure-Offers, Travel, Wellness, Tickets, Healthcare, Servicesand more!
With traveling cases and cabin adapters, users listen to music on the go or sob hysterically from sappy movies in long flights.

For additional comfort it has very soft ear pads that definitely help in reducing ear fatigue when youa€™re in for long listening sessions.

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