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The Good The Bose TriPort In-Ear headphones have strong bass and good overall detail, and they're not intrusive in your ear canal. The Bad The Bose TriPort In-Ear headphones don't block out any noise, and the fit doesn't feel quite as secure as advertised. The Bottom Line The Bose In-Ear Headphones are a hybrid set, falling right between regular earbuds and canalphones. If you're looking for noise-isolating earbuds, the Bose TriPort In-Ear Headphones ($99) are not for you. You'll want to keep the Bose TriPort In-Ear Headphones' included case on hand to avoid cable tangles and keep the eartips clean.
Compared with canalphones, the Bose TriPort In-Ear Headphones feel very unstable--they won't fall out easily (provided you've got the correct size tips on), but they feel as if they might. In the company's ads, Bose calls the sound "lifelike," but that's a bit misleading, since it implies sonic accuracy.
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There's also a new feature that allows you to automatically post any image you're viewing on its own to a folder named with the date and your nickname. Bose have pioneered noise-cancelling headphones that block the outside world with full-on noise reduction. Starting from $129.95 these are funky earphones and usually appeal to the people who are using it.
These usually start from $149.95 and are best for the people who need earphones during exercising and are athletes.
Staring from $299.95 it lets you control the music by blocking the noise outside because it comes with the ‘aware mode’ inline buttons help you to pick or reject the incoming calls. If you find the above mentioned four headphones out of your budget then considering the $99.95 priced Bose IE2 audio headphones is worth considering.
The BOSE QuietComfort 20s are the latest members of the popular QuietComfort family, which for various reasons seem to have become almost standard field kit among business travellers and frequent flyers. But unlike the BOSE QC3 and QC15 headphones which fully encase the ear, the QC20s are compact travel-friendly earbuds.
The overall effect is eerily silent and the noise-cancellation circuitry seems even more effective for reducing general cabin conversation, although their magic remains ineffective on crying babies.
In addition to smacking down ambient noise, the BOSE QC20s are solid performers with a bright top-end response and broad mid-range, although the flatter bass response makes them less ideal for doof-doof.
I’ve been using a pair of QC20s for the past month, which means enough international trips that the headphones themselves could qualify for Gold frequent flyer status. But the QC20s are also far more versatile than conventional headphones because a tiny microphone in the inline control unit lets them double as a hands-free setup for your smartphone. A switch on the inline control unit located partway down from the earphones temporarily allows the outside noise in so that you can hear the cabin crew when it’s time to order your meals or drinks. The tiny speakers rest against the opening of the ear canal while the triangular wing of the silicone eartip fits into the contour of your ear to hold it in place.

As a result the earbuds rest in the bowl of your ear rather than being stuffed deep into your ear canal. One of my only criticisms of the QC20s is that this control unit is located too close to the earpieces themselves. A more basic oversight, and a surprising one for BOSE, is that a double-pin airline adaptor plug isn’t included on the handy QC20 carry-bag, despite being standard kit on the QC15 and QC30 models. The QC20s rely on a rechargeable battery, which is tucked away in a flat section towards the end of the cable. This charges up over any USB port, including those now found on many aircraft, but it takes only four hours of being jacked in to supply the QC20s with a full 16 hours of juice.
And unlike other BOSE QuietComfort headsets, if the battery runs flat the QC20s still continue to work just like regular headphones. David Flynn is the editor of Australian Business Traveller and a bit of a travel tragic with a weakness for good coffee, shopping and lychee martinis. The similar Sony product, around for a few years is cheaper,  clips to your shirt and has double-pin adaptor. I find that if you unplug the jack only slightly, leaving a milimeter or so of it out you wil get the sound of that one channel in both ears (still only the sound meant for one ear). Hi Jalmulla - yeah, a bit of fiddling with the plug hits that sweet spot in the socket so it's a good trick for 'emergency' situations without an adaptor, I've used it myself, but I prefer an adaptor all the same. They don't block out noise, but they do provide much more bass than stock earbuds--almost too much, in fact.
Although they have silicone tips that protrude slightly into your ear canal, they are not meant to protect your ears from screaming children on airplanes--nor from the drone of the engine. They resemble the earbuds that come with the Samsung Yepp YP-K5; they look like regular earbuds but with silicone tips that funnel the sound directly into your ear canals. They snap onto small tubes that protrude from the earphones, but they don't stay on very tightly--you're virtually guaranteed to lose them, and you only get one set each of small, medium, and large tips. On the other hand, they feel significantly more secure than most stock earbuds, such as those that come with the .
The headphones are very heavy on the bass--comparable to the Sennheiser CX-300--which some listeners will like.
If you're a die-hard Bose fan, you've probably already bought them, but if you're looking for something in between canalphones and standard earbuds, these are a viable option. Just drag the Headphet Autopost to your bookmarks bar, edit it changing YOURNICKNAME to your actual nickname and click the bookmarklet when you're viewing an image.
You will not be able to use noise cancelling or Aware mode or Active EQ, which electronically provides more lifelike audio reproduction, is disabled. To enjoy music when you have your favorite tracks on iPhone you must have really good pieces of earphones. So here are a few suggestions so as to which one you should pick if was using an iPhone to listen to our favorite music.
The sound provided by these pair of earphones is loud and clear and gives a wonderful experience in music. StayHear tips don’t let the earphones move and it allows you to switch from listening to music and picking up calls.
Triport technology is the special feature in this which will give you notes according to your workout. It also has battery available in the ‘control mode’ that gives you long hours of uninterrupted music.

Just as important, they stay in place unlike some earbuds which they too easily and too often tumble out. It sits up around your neck rather than further down near your breast pocket, where it could be clipped for easy access (if the unit had a small alligator clip, which is also something I’d like to see in any future revision of the QC20s). My Audio-Technica ATH-ANC23 comes with an airline adapator to plug into the socket for stereo sound. They provide far better bass than your MP3 player's stock headphones, but the overall sound isn't a match for similarly priced in-ear 'phones. The symmetrical cables have an antitangle slider and terminate in a 3.55mm gold-plated straight plug. Since they don't form a true seal with your ear, they don't block out enough noise to make a noticeable difference.
But the bass tends to overwhelm the midrange, creating a somewhat boomy overall sound on first listen. With a few design tweaks like more secure attachment for the tips and perhaps extralarge tips for listeners who actually do want to block out some noise, these could be even better. But the point remains that at times it becomes very difficult to choose from the range of earphones that are available even if it is from a particular company like Bose. It has the 3line buttons that would help you to do the above, that is receiving calls and listening to music.
The headphone also includes StayHear tips for greater stability during exercise and running. If you have a tough time sticking things deep into your ear canal or are paranoid about walking around without hearing much of what's going on around you, these are worth a listen, despite some physical design flaws. The plastic plug housing is oddly bulky and rectangular--seemingly just so the company could fit its logo on it. Bose also includes a padded leather case that has an integrated cable winder and magnetic flaps. And although they're better for running than stock 'buds, they tend to slip part-way out, reducing sound quality.
After spending some time with them, you can hear that the highs extend nicely, despite taking a backseat to the bottom end. The overall sound quality is good but not as well balanced as that of similarly priced in-ear 'phones, such as the Creative Zen Aurvana. They are handy and prove to be very useful when traveling as they bring out the original essence of the music and the songs.
You can change the song with the help of that too and the hydrophobic cloth does not let the sweat come inside. The QC3's a great although I was suprised by the level of noise leakage when the volume is at a higher level.
It's a must if you want to avoid having to wash the silicone tips constantly, since they pick up every last bit of lint and dirt in your pocket. Since there's no seal in your ear, the bass actually needs to be quite powerful, but Bose overdid it a little in that regard. You also have to turn your portable player up quite far to get decent volume, which will drain your player's battery faster than with more efficient models.

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