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Highlights1 Year Local Supplier Warranty Bose noise cancelling technology, shut out the world and focus on your music These headphones are designed for Apple devices. LA Gadgets Examiner Rating: A+ Bose QC20 Noise Cancelling earbuds are worth the high price. Today, Bose has finally released their long-awaited QC20 Noise Cancelling earbuds and from several hours of use, we can tell you that these are the best earbuds available on the market. Earbuds have gone out of style recently due to people preferring huge headsets that either cover or are placed on the ears. Noise cancellation can be dangerous, but Bose includes a special "Aware" mode that lets you hear some noise -- perhaps a speeding car that is headed your way. Daryl DeinoLA Gadgets ExaminerDaryl Deino has been a gadget freak for the past 15 years and has written about computers, cell phones, MP3 players and other gadgets for several different sites.
Deep, clear sound from the Active EQ and TriPort technology Aware mode to hear whats around you at the press of a button Shut out the world and lose yourself in your musicor let the world in. In face, we can go as far to say that they are better than all the over-the-ear, under-the-ear, and anything else that is in the market.

Recent supposedly high quality earbuds from Sony, Beats, or Sennheiser have drawn complaints about low quality sound and buds that don't quite fit in the ear no matter how you try.
The headphones come with a rectangular noise-cancelling dongle that needs to be charged, but not frequently. Of course, you can turn off noise cancellation all together, but we found the sound quality to be sort of muffled this way.
With the right earbud tips and the clip attachment, we didn't feel any push or pull like we did with other branded earbuds.
Here are the top instant messaging appsIn the ever growing world of smartphones, the concept of traditional SMS text message has almost vanished in the light of the explosion of easy-to-use and popular instant messaging apps. Bose has learned from these failures and has provided the consumer with earbuds that sometimes don't even feel like they are budding in the ear.
The first thing we noticed is how well the noise cancellation works when compared to other Bose products.
The QuietComfort 20 Acoustic Noise Cancelling headphones let you enjoy better sound every day, everywhere you go.

The inline microphone and remote let you switch easily to calls and control of certain functions.
Instead of removing your headphones, just press a button, and you're back in touch with the sounds around youwhile your music keeps playing, and you still experience some noise cancellation. Our TriPortĀ® technology and Active EQ combine to give your music a depth and balance that keep your daily soundtrack fresh and alive. Proprietary StayHear+ tips create a soft, secure fit with no need to force them into your ears.
The cone shape spreads contact evenly across the ear for maximum comfort, and forms a gentle seal that contributes to the headphones' full-spectrum noise reduction. The 4 button remote provides volume and music control plus access to voice-recognition apps.

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