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We need styles that are quick and easy to maintain without having to wake up at the break of dawn every morning to get it right. They have a compact, on-ear design with an award-winning combination of Bose-quality sound performance, noise reduction and a comfy fit. And that is to bring nature and art together in a way that inspires, awakens and excites your senses with every passing day, month and season.
The owner, Christie Newland, has bred these show-quality animals for 34 years from her home in Columbus, Ohio.
The QC3 headphones have a proven reputation for delivering high-end sound thanks to proprietary Bose technologies.

Whether you're sitting at your desk, unwinding at home, or passing the time during a long-haul flight, with these headphones listening is a joy no matter where you are.Bose Technology at WorkAcoustic Noise Cancelling headphone technology, a proprietary Bose innovation, electronically identifies and reduces ambient noise while faithfully preserving the sound or quietness you want.
Proprietary Bose soft ear cushions feature a compact on-ear design that creates a vital acoustical seal and help to lessen unwanted noise, while offering a comfortable fit.
The TriPort acoustic headphone structure produces a tonally-balanced audio performance thanks, in part, to tiny vents in the ear cups.
Expect over 25 hours of use from a fully-charged battery, and a lifespan of up to 500 charging cycles. The flat-folding ear cups can be easily and conveniently stored in the slim-line carrying case.

Shipping is payable by buyer, door-to-door courier services up to 2kg will be R110,counter-to-counter speed services up to 1kg will be R85 ,counter-to-counter over 1kg will be R150, registered mail for smaller items available at R50.All items will be shipped ONLY on Tuesdays and Thursdays and ONLY after funds have cleared.

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