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Don’t spend  more years of your life in pain from debilitating headaches… Spend 68 minutes learning how to make them stop FOREVER!
We understand that migraine headache pain is a serious issue that many people face on a daily basis, and recognize that no two people have the same pain or symptoms.
Providing a proper diagnosis, paying close attention to your concerns, symptoms, and any previous conditions. Implementing that plan, and making any necessary adjustments to achieve a permanent and pain free result. Most of our patients achieve significant relief of their symptoms within 8 months of beginning their treatment, and we pride ourselves on the high success rate we’ve provided for them. Patients typically have similar questions regarding their migraine headache pain symptoms and available treatments. Request more detailed information about proper diagnosis and treatment methods for your particular problem.
Proper evaluation is the first step toward achieving relief from chronic headaches and migraines.
Our 25+ years of experience and research shows that 95% of all headaches can be linked to muscle tension. Learn more about the causes of migraine headaches and what treatment options are available to you. Over-activity of the jaw can cause many problems, often resulting in severe tinnitus and migraine headaches.
This website is dedicated to those sufferers who have exhausted their efforts in seeking an end to their pain problems, have endured years of unsuccessful treatment, have tried a countless number of drugs and have given up on hope of a promise for a better life. This website explains the reasons behind your pain and outlines for you the modern techniques that can cure your problem!

Doctor John Halmaghi is a dedicated practitioner and diagnostician for all forms of neuromuscular and craniofacial pain issues. ABOUT USOur successful Migraine Headache Pain treatment comes from having over 25 years of experience. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you become pain free, and rid of the migraine headaches forever! Pacific Specialists, your Los Angeles Ear, Nose & Throat doctors treats many patients suffering from Tinnitus. After the medical evaluation, blood tests, hearing tests and radiographic studies, ENT physicians will determine whether medication or surgery is required. In summary, tinnitus is a common symptom that is caused by a wide variety of treatable medical conditions, and sometimes can be an indication of a serious medical problem. You don’t have to take our word for it, because our patients have shared what our treatments have done for them!
John Halmaghi is dedicated to helping people understand the cause(s) of their pain, and shares his knowledge on how relief can be achieved. Halmaghi is a member of an elite group of doctors nationwide who have the expertise to correctly assess and diagnose headaches, migraines, craniofacial pain and jaw dysfunctions. We are here to help our patients to achieve fuller lives that are free from the pain migraine headaches can cause. It is just a symptom of some underlying disease or disorder, such as high blood pressure, heart problems, high cholesterol, diabetes, hypothyroid, food allergy, otosclerosis, Meniere’s disease, noise exposure, ear infections, impacted wax, or sinus problems. Many times, if there is a substantial hearing loss, the solution is as simple as hearing aids.
At Pacific Eye & Ear Specialists, we find that we can improve or extinguish tinnitus in about 80% of individuals by employing thorough evaluation and treatment regimes.

Many of these conditions are commonly mis-diagnosed and mistreated by an alarmingly large number of medical and dental professionals.
In 78% of tinnitus cases, the tinnitus is reduced or extinguished entirely when wearing properly fit hearing aids.
Call our office today for an appointment with our Los Angeles ENT physicians and Audiologists. The most common forms are high pitch tones, ocean roar, seashell hiss, white noise, or a buzz.
In addition, auditory stimulation by hearing aids may help to delay or prevent atrophy of the hearing nerve when the person has substantial hearing loss. Halmaghi has successfully treated thousands of patients who have lived with various forms of craniofacial and TMJ pain and who have endured symptoms for as long as 20 years during their quest to obtain relief.
Tinnitus is almost always subjective, meaning that it can only heard by the person with the tinnitus. A diagnostic hearing evaluation by an Audiologist is very important, since many disorders display a specific pattern that will aid the ENT physician in diagnosing the cause of the tinnitus. In rare instances, a muscle spasm can cause tinnitus, and this type of tinnitus can be heard by the physician as well as the individual. Halmaghi’s professional development and experience in the field of Craniofacial Pain – Diagnosis and Treatment. Since the hearing mechanism and the balance mechanism are both located in the inner ear, the ENT physician may order balance tests as well.

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