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You appear to be running quite an old browser and as a result you may not be able to view this site correctly. Geometric teardrop earrings are extra pretty in light pink with a contrasting turquoise at the very top highlighted by three different shaped crystals, small and round, rectangle as well as teardrop shapes. These earrings have a three tired design which allow for fun, flirty movement every time you wear them. Upgrade to a different browser or install Google Chrome Frame to experience this site if you're having any difficulty. The rejected pencils are combined together to make blocks that are cut and shaped by hand, creating a unique and individual piece.

With the turquoise these would look great with jeans or a jean jacket over a dress but you could also wear these with white, navy, pink, or black. They have a rose copper finish in the back with a peep hole cutout that allows you to see the stone on both sides.
If your shipping address is home and you are away at work you may need to pick it up at the post office.
Also check out Geometric Teardrop Earrings and Pastel Colors Bohemian Inspired Statement Earrings. It is impossible to give an exact rating on a diamond unless you remove it from the setting but under a 10X loupe I could not see any inclusions, they have beautiful sparkle and are clear in color.  The diamonds are not original to the earrings.

I was told the original stones were pale blue sapphires but the most recent heir had them replaced with diamonds.

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