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Wearing hearing aids has been such a positive experience for Marie Redfern, she wants to encourage others with hearing loss to try them, too. Your experience can provide helpful information to someone looking for a great hearing care provider, reward a clinic for taking good care of their patients and create a sense of community where you live. In the guide, color graphics provide a cross-section illustration of the outer ear, middle ear and inner ear, with accompanying text which explains what function each part serves.
Conductive hearing loss, which accounts for approximately 10 percent of hearing loss, is often medically treated with great success in restoring hearing. Information on the inner ear includes an explanation of how the smallest bones in our body, located in the ear, pass sounds to sensory hair cells in the cochlea.
Sensorineural hearing loss also is defined in this section of the guide, along with a link to information hearing aids. The guide ends with a warning on noise exposure and a good rule of thumb to follow in determining whether or not you’re living or working in an environment which may be detrimental to your ear health.
Today’s tiny hearing aids are considered giants of modern technology, but they actually date back thousands of years.
In the early 1900s, the advent of electricity, coupled with Alexander Graham Bell’s work on the telephone, ushered in a “new generation” of hearing aids that electronically amplified sound via a carbon microphone and a battery. Today’s 21st century hearing aids are smaller, lighter and more powerful than ever before. Sonus Hearing Professionals in Harrisburg, Illinois provides diagnostic hearing tests to children and adults. This photograph has come from our photo collection, however it was clearly originally in a newspaper and I have found it in an Australian newspaper for February 1925. In 1911 after her trip around the world, the American Annabelle Kent wrote a memoir, Around the World in Silence (available on line in an unedited text version probably produced by optical character recognition).   Annabelle compiled her travelogue from letters sent home. A deaf young lady made the remark to me once that it was a waste of time and money for a deaf person to go to Europe, as she could get so little benefit from the trip. Educated at the Glasgow Institution for the Deaf and Dumb by Duncan Anderson (headmaster there from 1836 until his retirement in 1869), Agnew was an amateur artist who painted series of pictures showing Queen Victoria using finger spelling to communicate with a deaf woman on the Isle of Wight.
Abraham’s mother had learnt to sign as her sister was deaf, and the children all learnt from her, and we must suppose, the Rev. In his unpublished memoirs, Gilby says of Ernest that “He wore clericals and lemon kid gloves with fur collar and cuffs; he was only about 20! Gilby was graceful about his old enemy and says they had agreed to bury the hatchet, but clearly there was some lingering resentment. According to my late aunt Freda Powell’s written account, Sarah Theodosia Clark (her grandmother and my great-grandmother) was born on 24 January 1848 as one of three children of Thomas and Sarah Clark, nee Sutton, who owned a pork butcher’s shop in part of Tooley Street (then known as Thornton Street), Bermondsey, London.
Sarah made the acquaintance of Josiah Samuel Abraham, who had a good job as a ship’s carpenter in the local John Brown’s Shipyard, and they married on 9 September 1866. Freda continues that Sarah gained training as a District Nurse and Midwife and because of her knowledge of the deaf and dumb language was recommended as a nurse for John Jennings, a Nonconformist missionary who had throat cancer. Ernest was sent to a private school and then theological college, but did not complete training as John Jennings died in 1884 and his family disputed the will. By 1901, Ernest is in Bolton with his wife and 2 children, while elsewhere in Bolton is his mother Sarah Jennings as a retired monthly nurse, with Stella Abraham, and Mabel and Beatrice Jennings. From a Finland Swedish magazine for the Deaf I read that the Polish competitors were turned away at the borders.
During the Second World War the school was evacuated to the Handborough area of Oxfordshire.  It was one of the LCC show schools and visited by Overseas Conferences of Teachers etc. 1983 The Telephone Bureau for the Deaf (TED), later renamed the Telephone Exchange for the Deaf, set up.
The Ulster Institution for the Deaf Dumb and Blind, Quarterly Review of Deaf Mute Education, January 1891, 2, 262-69, 289-95. The following image and story is from the Belfast Evening Telegraph for Monday 4th August 1913.
In the brief article it says there were an estimated 200,000 deaf people in India at that time with less than 50 under instruction. In 1905, when Sir Robert Carlyle was President of the School, a daily paper in Calcutta wrote a leader that the government should take up the school. Around that time, the Church of England Zenana Missionary Society (CEZMS) (1880-1957) was starting to be active, and in the following years schools were opened elsewhere in the subcontinent. Mr Wheatley’s high Christian character has always influenced those who came into contact with him, either teacher or child. Recently we had an enquiry about tinnitus prevalence.  What follows is based on the information I uncovered trying to give an answer to that enquiry. The figures for tinnitus will depend on a number of factors, for example the type or duration of tinnitus, and demographics, the subjective nature of tinnitus, the type of questions you ask people when you do a survey, and so on.  There will of course be other cautionary points to consider, such as the size of a sample, and other cultural or health related factors. At least 8% experience tinnitus causing interference with their getting to sleep & or moderate annoyance. 0.5% report their tinnitus has a severe effect on their ability to lead a normal life “this amounts to 200,00 persons in the UK”.

The prevalence rate for a severe effect on quality of life was lower than those who had moderate-severely annoying tinnitus at about 1%.
Prevalence of those who reported a severe effect on ability to lead a ‘normal’ life was even less at 0.5%. That 3-4% of adults consult a family doctor about tinnitus at least once in a lifetime with a similar percentage consulting about a hearing problem and tinnitus, “an indication of the magnitude of the problem”. Advanced Ear Care has been taking care of my hearing needs for nearly 20 years now and there's no one I trust more than Stuart and the hearing care team. The Anatomy of the Ear and How We Hear, a new guide from Healthy Hearing, is a brief, descriptive overview of our ears and how sound travels through the ears to the brain. Here, you’ll learn how the outer ear collects the sounds we hear and funnels them inside. The cochlea translates the vibrations it receives into a signal for the auditory nerve to deliver to the brain. Sensorineural hearing loss, often caused by damage to the inner ear hair cells, accounts for 90 percent of hearing loss and is most often treated with hearing aids or cochlear implants. Look for the other free guides in the Healthy Hearing series, including Guide to Hearing Aids, Hearing and Your Loved Ones, Understanding Your Audiogram and the Types of Hearing Loss and Hearing Loss and Treatment?
The first “official” mention of hearing aids appears in a book published in 1588, entitled Natural Magick. Wide at one end to gather sound, and narrow at the other end to direct amplified sound into the ear, early hearing aid trumpets were fashioned from animal horn, sea shell and glass. Though still quite large, hearing aids were designed to be decorative accessories, and integrated into collars, head wear, bouffant hairstyles and clothing.
Worn around the neck, these hearing aids were cumbersome boxes containing visible wires and a heavy battery that lasted only a few hours. First they became “body aids”, and then ear-friendly instruments worn behind the ear, in the ear shell, or ultimately, within the ear canal. Digital circuitry allowed sound to be amplified, reduced, filtered, and directed, as needed. Although over 60, and completely deaf, Miss Moir travels alone in little-known lands, and recently crossed the Nubian desert in the Northern Sudan. I told her that as long as one could see there was a great deal one could absorb and enjoy. There is a record of Josiah’s admission to the Seamen’s Hospital and he was admitted to Maidstone Hospital in 1877.
In the 1891 census, Ernest, now in Bolton, has with him his siblings Stella and Edward Abraham, and half-sister Beatrice Jennings. They were joined some years later by Thomas, Stella and Mabel with their families, and there are many descendants in Australia, some of whom altered the surname to Braham. Some aspects of the historical development and present organisation of voluntary welfare societies for adult deaf people in England 1840-1963. HOVENT, of Brussels, has communicated to us an account of the case of a girl aged thirteen and a half years whom he had recently under his care. Babu Girindranath Bhose, a father of Deaf children, had asked the government to get a teacher from England, however it was decided to send a teacher to England for training. Keen student of all that pertains to the betterment of the deaf, efficient labourer in their service as he has been, the underlying force that brought the success he achieved was his love for deaf children and his unsparing devotion to their welfare. There was a considerable overlap with tinnitus annoyance such that 6% suffered either sleep disturbance or moderate-severe annoyance or moderate-severe annoyance or both. We know everyone’s time is valuable so we always appreciate when someone takes a few minutes to visit and learn more about us.
A brief description of conductive hearing loss, which occurs in the outer and middle ear, is included. Author Giovanni Battista Porta talks about wooden hearing aids that were carved into the shapes of ears belonging to animals with superior hearing. Small fan-shaped devices were placed behind the ears to collect sound wave vibrations and direct them through the small bones behind the ear.
Sometimes even weightier “battery packs” were worn on the body to extend the hearing aid’s life. Hearing aid programs could be customized to a user’s lifestyle – soft amplification for quiet home settings, targeted amplification of voices in restaurants, diminished wind noise on the golf course, and so on. Then, when the time and opportunity came for me to take a tour around the world, there happened to be a young man in the party who was totally blind. Together they learned the deaf and dumb language so that they could still do things together.’ Her father died, and her mother married again – a Mr Mason, and had further children.
The rest of the family is with Sarah Jennings in Dulwich Road, Lambeth, where she is working as a laundress.
Contains short account of the Bolton, Bury and Rochdale Branch of the Manchester Adult Deaf & Dumb Society. It seems probable that what he was doing was catching people with otitis media (glue ear) perhaps, or with some other obstruction in the eustachian and that the compressed air perhaps served to clear it, however Hovent says the eustachian tubes were clear in some cases (see below).

Aged seven to eight he had discharges from the ears and severe colds.  His parents were scrofulous or tuberculous. He said it was a matter for the committee to decide, but so far as he was concerned he would oppose such a transfer in order to give the lie to the statement that Indians were incapable of taking any initiative. Even the naughty child would unburden his mind to Mr Wheatley, conscious of the sympathy and affection with which his wrong-doing would be viewed. Trumpet-style hearing aids were shaped in various styles, depending on customer preference and degree of hearing loss.
With certain accessories, the newest hearing aids can receive sound “streamed” wirelessly from telephones, televisions, stereos and computers. I was full of sympathy for him, but he, instead of feeling regret, thought the sympathy should be bestowed on me, since I was deaf instead of blind. His business went downhill, and as a result ‘servants had to be let go, Eleanor was apprenticed to a tailor and Sarah took over the running of the house’ (which by this time was in Greenwich). The child was healthy in appearance, but suffered from sore-throats, which occurred, according to the mother’s statement, every fortnight. Secretary in 1931 was a Miss Pell, who gave the Monthly Broadcast Missionary Talk on the radio on 7th June 1931 (BDT 1931 p.101).
In fact, transistors were used in hearing aids two years before they were used in transistor radios. Modern hearing aids are also coated with microscopic protective shields which reduce maintenance and increase life span. Cheerfulness is a fine trait, but I could not bear to think of going to India and then not being able to see the glories of the Taj or the pathetic beauty of the Residency, -Lucknow’s memento of the Mutiny.
In 1891 a Grand Bazaar raised ?6,000 and a site for the Institute was purchased for ?4,500.
Get answers to some of the most Frequently Asked Questions about hearing loss and hearing aid technology when you click on our FAQ tab.
Special tubes were incorporated into the arm rests to collect the voices coming from visitors kneeling before the throne. Feeling that I was fully repaid for the months of strenuous life, I have been moved to rewrite and publish the letters I sent home telling of my experiences on the tour as I would like to show others, as well as my deaf brethren and sisters, how much pleasure and profit one can get through travel not only in Europe but the Orient. In the 1881 census, still with the Masons, Eleanor is noted as a dressmaker and ‘deaf and dumb from birth’. 1884] that Sarah bore to him.’ All the children learned the deaf and dumb language and my grandmother Eleanor remembered teaching the deaf children’s Sunday school class to read and write. Bayer, of Brussels, who removed the tonsils and some post-nasal adenomata and frequently passed the Eustachian catheter upon the child, but the improvement was not maintained.
And while you’re at it, take a peek at our testimonial page and watch one of the brief testimonial videos, or read written comments to see what people think of the care and service they receive from us. She also recalled staying with her aunt Eleanor Clark ‘who although deaf and dumb, had a successful tailoring business in Greenwich, making uniforms for the officers and cadets of the Greenwich Naval College’. Under the influence, however, of a regular course of compressed air-baths the hearing improved to a marked degree, as Dr. Part of the time I was with friends of long standing, part of the time with almost entire strangers; and even amid the stress of travel they were always kind and patient with me.
Unfortunately after a strike the shipyard removed its business to the Clyde and Josiah had to work as a foreman in the guano factory. If they should chance to read these pages, I would like them to know how much I thank them all. There he fell (probably pushed) from a ladder and sustained a severe head injury, which required an operation at the Greenwich Seamen’s Hospital.
8tb, 1892, the ticking of a watch could be heard 7 centimetres away on each side, and on the 20th the ticking, presumably of the same watch, was audible at a distance of no less than 46 centimetres from either ear.
When Josiah returned home he was suspicious of his wife and violent, which included hanging Ernest out of the window by his feet ‘with threat to let him drop if they all did not do exactly as he wanted’.
The improvement in the left ear eventually equalled that in the light; but the daily notes show that at first the light ear improved more rapidly. As the child had been practically deaf from birth, she had received no auditory education, and her reports upon objective sounds were vitiated by her remembrance of subjective sounds. Freda then notes ‘My grandmother was very ill with brain fever for some time and by the time she recovered and collected her children from various relatives, Josiah Abraham was dead’.
Hovent in considering that so remarkable and fortunate a circumstance as the cure of what may be termed almost congenital deafness by a course of treatment lasting under a fortnight ought to be put upon record, although experience would lead us to believe that the issue was exceptional.

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