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Licence fees: A licence fee will be charged for any media (low or high resolution) used in your project. Ed SheeranSheeran suffered the accident while jumping off a yacht earlier this year, and will have surgery to repair it in January. Ed Sheeran has revealed that he’ll be undergoing surgery to repair a burst eardrum when his lengthy world tour concludes in New Zealand this week. Go Back in Time using our Photos archive to see what happened on a particular day in the past. Go Back in Time using our News archive to see what happened on a particular day in the past.
A burst eardrum occurs from either a sharp blow to the head or from a puncture wound that happens in the ear canal. It is thought that the size of the hole in the eardrum will determine how much hearing loss has occurred. There would be considerable pain on the infected ear along with itching or burning sensation. When the blisters rupture and drains off liquid, there may be discharge of blood along with draining material. In case of primary myringitis, the tympanic membrane will be visibly red in color exposing the small blood vessels inside.
Close-up of the ear of a 14-month- old boy suffering from otitis media with a perforated eardrum. It is considered a rupture to the tympanic membrane and the ear drum itself can appear red, swollen and inflamed. When this happens, it opens up the area behind the eardrums and this can let germs and bacteria in.

It is a painful condition in which the middle ear develops inflammation due to the formation of blisters. In rare cases, surgery is done (myringoplasty) for removing bacteria and dirt particles from the eardrum.
There is usually a small hole present and pus like drainage can be seen coming from the ear canal area.
Apart from pain, there may be partial hearing loss for 2-3 days as the blister starts growing.
The eardrum can get infected by bacteria or virus when the person uses the public swimming pool.
It is caused by either a viral or bacterial infection extending up the eustachian tube (the passage connecting the back of the nose to the ear).
A person who is suffering with a burst eardrum has a higher risk for getting an ear infection and can also suffer with permanent hearing damage. This condition is extremely painful and it may be accompanied by a thick yellow discharge coming from the ear canal.
These things can occur without having a burst eardrum but they are conditions or specific symptoms of this disorder. Tinnitus can cause sleeping problems as well as problems with concentration and daily activities.
If you are having a specific problem with the inner ear, you should see a doctor to avoid further problems. The eardrum also called as tympanic membrane lies between the outer ear and middle ear and is responsible for sending sound signals to the brain. In addition there may be common cold, fever, headache and partial hearing loss for 2-3 days until the blisters heal completely.

The infection can be contagious and hence the affected person should avoid contacting with others until the symptoms subside. This causes fluid to collect in the middle ear causing earache, deafness, tinnitis and fever. This is not considered a serious condition and after the fluid has drained the ear will heal naturally.
Due to bacterial or viral infection, there would be swelling and itching sensation on the ear. In this case the eardrum (tympanum) has burst resulting in a discharge of pus (yellow liquid). The singer admitted that the burst eardrum was just one of a number of accidents he’s suffered while touring in the past.“I always cut my hands open on something, last time I did that was last year,” he said. There are a few other medical conditions that can also cause vertigo and they include diabetes, calcium disorders or alcoholism. It also triggers formation of pus filled blisters on the membrane causing sharp pain in the ear.
Treatment is with analgesic drugs to relieve the pain, and antibiotic drugs to treat the infection. If the infection is not clearing up, the doctor may prescribe antibiotics to quicken the healing process.

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