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Stud earrings are the ideal style for showing off exquisite gemstones due to their simple design of only using a metal stud with a gem at one end. It takes nature millions of years to produce diamonds and it takes gemologists hours to assess the diamond from every angle to give it a grade. Diamonds that have higher grades, especially in several categories, are rare and therefore much more valuable than lower grade diamonds. Natural diamonds best hold up their value over time, and in the case of very rare diamonds their value may even increase. Most jewelry dealers are able to tell natural diamonds apart from other gems like moissanite and cubic-zirconium due to their difference in structure, hardness, and density. While colorless diamonds are the most famous, these stones naturally come in every color of the rainbow.
The selection of diamond stud earrings on eBay is enormous and ranges from new items made by top designers to antique items first cut over 100 years ago. Diamond earrings unquestionably really are a beautiful gift that’s certain to have any lady observed. Regardless of whether you shop James Allen or any other store, diamond earrings unquestionably certainly are a special gift. The Diamondaire website provides a small taste into the magic that happens within the store. The diamond stud earrings for sale on eBay are examples of classic jewelry pieces worn on the ears of princesses, starlets, and many other women all over the world.
This diamond earring is lightweight enough for anyone to wear, even young girls who dislike heavy hoop and dangle earrings. However, it takes special equipment to tell natural diamonds apart from synthetic ones, and even jewelers have difficulty telling them apart.

Trendy and classy, diamond earrings would be the perfect gift for virtually most occasions. When the time involves buying diamond earrings, going to the jewelry local dealer in your area might be a choice that may help you look for some that she likes. Key jewellery retailers, including James Allen, possess a strong web presence and provides many jewellery options at huge special discounts. The one that supplements her beauty with another that they are likely to certainly cherish for quite a while.
On our site you can purchase fine sterling silver pieces and some marked down merchandise along with viewing some bridal jewelry styles. D through F is considered colorless and everything down starts to show a little tint of yellow.
Buying diamonds is more complicated than ever due to the introduction of synthetic diamonds and fancy colored diamonds, on top of the already strict diamond grading process that sets the ordinary stones apart from the priceless ones. Therefore, the main consideration when purchasing diamond stud earrings is the diamonds themselves. For example, a woman might feel that since earrings do not attract the same kind of scrutiny as an engagement ring, she could accept a diamond with a low clarity grade if the other categories like cut, carat, and color were acceptable. Besides look-alike gemstones like cubic-zirconium and moissanite, there are also lab-created or synthetic diamonds that are almost identical to their natural counterparts.
However, colored diamonds can be just as rare and expensive as their colorless counterparts, and they follow the same grading scale. Before determining within your ideas and off to your jewelry dealer to purchase some for your lady within your existence, think about the set of strategies for finding attractive white gold or platinum jewel studs for virtually any great cost. However, the internet is a second place; many males prefer to shop as nothing can beat the benefit or cost of shopping on the web.

But if your building and engagement ring or have a special jewelry design, then you want to come in. White gold or platinum sparks an awesome complexion while gold looks great over the lady obtaining a hot complexion. Crown-style designs push the jewel plenty of inside and outdoors the ear, lending a lanky appearance, while three- and 4-prong martini or basket designs look sophisticated and delicate. Sometimes you will see that the savings enable you step-up one step further and buy earrings obtaining a bigger carat. Our bench jeweler is a dinosaur and all our employees are trained though the Gemological Institute of America.
You will need to compare the most effective jewel for that finest face to provide her the most effective look. Diamonds go through a lot to get here and most of the time they have birthmarks, either internal (inclusions) or external (blemishes).
If your big studs are not set right then they look to heavy and look like they are spilling forward on the ear lobe.  If the diamond is facing the floor then what’s the point?
If it’s a lower carat size get a basket setting to make it pop forward but if it’s a big guy, get him in some martini settings that sits flush in the ear. ….

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