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Indian jewellery set in antique gold (18k colour with black antique) & neutral clear white.
Other colours available - enter the design NAME only (eg Jaina) in the Product Code box & click GO, to see all colours.
My best friend would give an arm and a leg for these, i wish i could get them for her, but im not made of money, and it would have to be a really special occasion.
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Brighten up your holiday season with a pair of festive Angel earrings and coordinating 3 color LED Brooch. We're one of the largest suppliers of wholesale and closeout inventory at rock bottom prices. So to keep our PLL momentum going, we dug around one of our fave sites, Etsy, and found some of the coolest DIY PLL merch out there.
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Jenna made this kind of amazing spinning luminary in her art class that oh NBD, Aria was in too.
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