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Breathtaking beautiful & stylish Polki Jewellery Indian Set with very exclusive golden finish design & embellished with famous Indian craftsmanship. For International orders, shipping charges will be mentioned at the time of checkout after entering the address. Beautifully crafted to suit women of all ages, these earrings from the house of Parineeta are everything a fashionable woman might dream of.
Diamond Jewellery, Gold Jewellery, Silver & Fashion Jewellery, Watches, Artifacts, Gold Coins & Bars.

What if the product is not available or "Out of Stock" once the order for purchase is placed and payment done? In case of out of stock issues, customer can not change the product unless it is offered or approved by eGitanjali Ltd. Indian Polki Jewellery Indian Set With Necklace & Earrings Indian Studded with sparkling and shining golden color stones & Pearls. Gleaming in all their glory with several diamonds set on a bed of shiny gold, these earrings are a must-have for every stylish woman.

We have exquisitely designed jewellery items of all Gitanjali brands like Gili, G'Divas, D'Damas, Lucera etc. The real attraction of this Polki Jewellery Indian Set is its beautiful design being gold plated using special Flash Gold Plating technique in which a small amount of gold is used for polishing(However, as the gold amount used can not be measured therefore we have not mentioned its amount or carat).Simply Gorgeous!!

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