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A Handmade Jewelry Box made with love can be the best gift for your Mom on Mother’s Day, she can use it to safe keep her vintage jewlery indeed, if your best friend is a shopaholic and loves to buy trendy fashion jewelry, a Handmade Jewelry Box can be the perfect Friendship Day Gift, if you are planning to propose your soulmate this Valentine, a Handmade Jewelry Box can add more value to the diamond ring kept inside it.
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Our fashion costume jewellery & Accessories is very unique in design at a very affordable price.

Width of the jhumka is 21 mm (Customers are requested to check the size with a small 15 cm scale before placing order. The content in this website is entirely created by our own team and its meant for viewing online only. Copying the content for use in other website or any other purpose is strictly prohibited under DMCA.

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