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New Coffee shop opened right smack in the middle of hipstervill and Chinatown, located 27.5 Essex.
Pathfinder male and female quick-drying cap visor dry and breath New release Quick-drying underwear Emergency underwear Couple skin and coat Backpack Outdoor Shoes Equipment accessories Men's Area Ms. BIRDIES, Grandma’s Chicken for the people is pretty new to the hood, when we went there it was their fourth month in operation. If You Like Mexican Food And You have Never Been Here Yet You Are Missing Out BIG ASS TIME!

Flicker's Coffee and Tea is a tiny shop run by a very young hip dude that offers great coffee. When you proceed to the checkout page, the Seller Discount will be automatically calculated. Yes I am definitely a coffee snob - cant help it I m from SF and the crappy coffee I get from the pastry shops in Chinatown just aint cutting it for me anymore or my house guest that come from the west coast. I mean do all New Yorkers drink this diluted brown water, and don’t get me started on Dunkin Donuts – don’t even go there. The Creamy Spinach is a bit disappointed, too heavy on the cream and cannot taste the spinach at all, maybe its supposed to be like that? Young got the Pulled Jerk BBQ Chicken Sandwich combo with Coleslaw, Pickle and a coke ($8.50).

Besides the gigantic bun, the easily fall-apart Jerk Chicken tastes excellente. Have anybody try their Banana Puddings?

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