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Bose is a specialist in audio equipment that has produced a large numbers of headphones that are cutting-edge and innovative.
It is a stylish earphone that provides easy control of the volume and audio call as well as ergonomic design of the earpieces. With its premium technology and design, these Bose headphones can provide high satisfaction and allow you to enjoy your music or phone calls at the maximum! Bose SoundTrue In-Ear Headphones provides every little thing that you need from your headset. The headphones come with soft, pliable silicone ear tips that provide total comfort while enjoying your music.
Out of the box, you will get the SoundTrue In-Ear Headphones, three pairs of StayHealthy ear tips (small, medium and large), a stylish carrying case and a clothing clip. With a price of $116.95, you can expect top-notch performance and audio quality from this Bose SoundTrue In-Ear Headphone.
If you feel like black is a boring color, this Bose headphones provide several color options such as black, white and red. Feedback #1 – Casey Scott finds the three, multiple-size ear buds very comfortable and the small one fit his ears perfectly! The in-ear headphones can satisfy the hearts of music lovers or outdoor goers with its amazing audio quality and sturdy materials.
You may find the three different sizes of earpieces useful as you can use the one that fit best into your ears. The price is a little bit expensive and might not be accessible by those with a limited budget. Bose SoundTrue In-Ear Headphones are premium and stylish sets of headphones that provide cutting-edge audio technology that let you enjoy your favorite music while on the go. Although the price might be a bit higher than any other typical headphones, but the satisfaction that you will get out of this device is totally priceless.
Brand New HeadphonesAn extensive list of brand new headphones on the market today with varied features, sound output, design changes and many more!
Whether it’s for yourself planning a big trip or someone who just does an excessive amount of business travel or for some other traveler in your life – here are my best recommendations! These are best on the market when it comes to travel underwear – however I honestly have no idea if they have any competition! Buffs are great for so many uses – a hat, scarf, eye mask, tube top, wash cloth, helmet liner and even handkerchief.
Truth be told – I’m 45 and don’t feel comfortable in a bikini any longer – actually I don’t know if I ever did – even when I was 23.
Packing cubes are the key to packing happiness – they turn your bag into a piece of furniture.
This is a super way to protect your lenses from scrapes, the elements, and provide them better resale value…plus…they are just damn fun.
I honestly love this idea – and if I had a house or homebase, I’d have this stuff as it’s fun and travel oriented.

That’s all I have for now…if you want other ideas of have questions about any of these products or how I’ve used them – just leave a question in the comments and I’m happy to answer them!
One of the best headphones from this well-known company is Bose SoundTrue In-Ear Headphones for iOS model.
There is also StayHealthy tips on the earpieces that should keep the headphones further fit and secure inside your ears for hours! There is the one without a microphone, the one with a microphone for Samsung and the one with a microphone for iPhone (iOS).
Bose pays attention to the design of its ear buds and has made the earpieces of this headphone fit your ears comfortably. There is a special unit that can sync well to your premium Apple smartphone as well as Samsung Galaxy smartphones.
It does not only provide intuitive remote control and comfortable earpieces, but can also withstand tough condition and bad weather. Indeed, it is a great headphone that you can easily plug to your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy to get ready to face the day!
I know that you are bombarded by Holiday shopping lists already – Black Friday, Cyber Monday…blah. If you choose to purchase items through these links, I will earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Plus you can connect up to 5 devices to the mifi device – perfect for group or family travel! It’s perfect for travel as it’s lightweight, you can throw it in the washer and dryer, AND it doubles as a neck pillow…it’s genius. I’ve used mine for every single one of those situations… and never leave ‘home’ without it! I use mine to organize my different types of clothes, just like I would a dresser; this packing cube has t-shits, this on has pants, this one has socks. Show your love for your favorite airport with pillows, magnets, phone cases, t-shirts and more! I used to travel with BOSE headphones all the time but had two issues with them: 1) they are big and sometimes too big if I was just carrying a small pack 2) I found them uncomfortable for sleeping (if I fell asleep with them on). It delivers natural-sounding low notes, sharp vocal, and instruments pitch, even at a loud volume!
In order to provide more comfort, the headset also comes with a clip that you can use to attach the flexible wire to your shirt.
She finds the audio quality very rich, and the earpieces stay put in her ears for a very long hours!
But I understand that unlike me, most of you do actually shop for the holidays – so I’ve put together a small list of my favorite travel gear and products that you might want to consider this holiday season as you shop for the traveler in your life.
I actually just started using noise canceling headphones this year and my first reaction was “Oh Baby…where have you been my whole traveling life?” I don’t know about you but I adore shutting everyone out and just being in my own world for a bit and that’s exactly what these do – better than any other on the market.  They remove all of the low level hums and buzzing from our completely plugged-in world, making you realize just how loud the world is.
It also has about 6 inner pockets to hold all of your travel gear (like a watch salesman in a trench coat).

They are super for all kinds of hot adventures and I’ve even hiked pretty substantially in them. They dry really fast, don’t hold odor, and they stay warm in the cold and are cooling in the heat.
However what I love about my PrAna Swimwear is that they have 2 piece options that are perfect for the adventurous badass in me that also likes to cover up a bit.
It’s lightweight and easily stuffs into my camera bag and the design ensures that you can easily get to all of the controls while keeping your gear dry.
Yes – these are meant for wildlife photographers, however the covers come in all sizes and various prints and colors.
You can even have a product customized and have your ticket printed on merchandise to remember a trip you took!
The ExofficioKukuras are my favorite travel pants because they are a stretchy fabric making them perfect for hiking and adventure. I took this suit surfing in Australia, hiking in Hawaii (so that I could hop in the waterfall at the end of the hike), repelling down waterfalls, and snorkeling in Belize.
Here’s a new solution I’ve actually just started to test out for sleeping anywhere…planes, trains, or buses. However they are also dual purpose as they can also work as a nice pair of black pants for a nice dinner.
I run in them, hike in them, and wear them to bed when my feet are cold and have no one to snuggle with. They dry super fast – which means you can only take a couple of pairs and wash them out in a sink at night and they will be dry in a couple of hours. It’s cute, comfortable and my favorite part is that it come with layers of matching board shorts and rash guards – perfect for the adventuresome female traveler! Not only do they keep me organized, but you can’t even imagine how much more I can fit into a suitcase or bag thanks to these babies!
It’s not really a pillow as we know it – it’s more of a neck supporter – and it’s way better than a pillow! I love things with dual purposes, so it was the neck pillow that won me over and made me a Storm Logic addict. What I love about it so far is that it is really comfortable and supportive AND it’s compact and can be flattened and easily fit in your carry-on! And if you want to vamp it up – you can forgo the sporty ones I get and get the lacy thongs if you wish!

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