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Attending a rock concert or visiting a noisy construction site can cause temporary tinnitus.
If the ringing and buzzing in your ears becomes more frequent or prolonged, make an appointment to see your doctor. While it's not unusual to occasionally experience mild tinnitus, some people experience recurring, severe tinnitus that interferes with their daily life.
As we age, our hearing gradually declines, and in many cases this decline is accompanied by tinnitus. Although the ear canal is usually self-cleaning, earwax can sometimes become impacted, creating a blockage of the ear canal. Long-term exposure to excessive noise often results in both permanent hearing damage and tinnitus.

PYLOT has this incredible and thrilling energy with his music, and the plot of him trying to regain his memory through his music makes it all the more awesome. Although doctors can't always find a cause for a person's tinnitus, there are a number of conditions and situations that often lead to tinnitus. Although scientists aren't sure why hearing loss can lead to tinnitus, one theory is that damaged cells in the inner ear occasionally misfire, sending random electrical signals to the brain and causing you to hear sounds that aren't there. Some medications that can cause tinnitus include certain antibiotics, some cancer medications and high doses of aspirin. If your tinnitus is not the result of a condition that is easily treatable, your doctor can help you find ways to live with your tinnitus.
This new track takes us down a highway of desperation, and it is such a great track to listen to while cruising in or on any mode of transportation.

It’s filled with nu-disco and smooth electronic beats, and infused with a powerful bass, complemented with a dash of electrifying indie dance sounds. PYLOT is really taking Monstercat to a whole other level, and I am so excited to see what happens next in his saga. Keep up to date with the latest releases from PYLOT by following him on the social media links below!
I love to travel, hit up events, and you may see me write a thing or two about the music I enjoy.

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