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Ear candling or ear coning is an alternative therapy that involves lighting one end of a hollow candle (or burning wick) and place the other end in the ear canal. Proponents say the smoke moves down the cone, into the ear canal and back out, creating a vacuum effect that draws out debris and wax.
Some believers even claim that impurities are removed from the inner ear or even the facial sinuses, all of which are somehow connected to the canal.
The candles are made of dripless paraffin wax and they will not drip back down into the ear. If ear candling can work, next time if someone suffers from constipation, poke a candle into his ass hole and… I know it is gross, so I better stop here. Seriously, the next time your hearing is blocked or get clogged after your deep sea scuba diving, instead of going for ear candling, it is safer to get a doctor to diagnose it.
Having said that, it is also possible that this is a misdiagnosed problem because the medical community does not truly understand what they are dealing with here.  If you are one of the 50 million in the USA with this diagnosed medical problem, then you certainly have some decisions to make concerning this.
By Amanda Linette Meder Psychic MediumClairaudience is the intuitive ability of clear hearing.Clairaudient ability can begin to open up at any time in your life, from birth until death.
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Researchers actually took the pressure reading inside and outside of the ear and found that no difference of pressure has been observed. I am most certain that the wax is not sucked out of the ear but is naturally pushed out after the process. This can be a debilitating condition for many; clearly more than an annoyance or something one can choose to ignore. Clairaudience is the ability to clearly hear those in Spirit, speaking to you externally or internally, meaning, you can hear Spirit speak to you in your environment or within your own mind. As mine developed following a car accident, I don’t really associate it with a deeper, spiritual connection. While clairaudience and mental illness can both consist of voices within the head - the similarities stop there. I have clients who have considered killing themselves because the noise was so overwhelming. Spirit voices tend to engage in a genuine dialogue with you, answering questions that you have and providing feedback. Spirit voices are gentle, safe, rational (often more rational than your own) and usually quite compassionate.

Therapists, counselors, nurses, coaches, anything where a main role of your life is involved with calming, stress diffusing advice, suggestions and guidance.
Very likely that these words are coming from Spirit Guides and Angels and coming through you, without your knowledge. These mundane tasks are often considered meditative quiet time for Spirit, and the perfect time for those who support you, to give you ideas and solutions to your problems. Spirit can make the world around you just a bit quieter and help you hone in your focus to deliver a message just for you. If you need help understanding if your experiences are related to intuitive abilities or otherwise, ask a medium, shaman or spiritual professional for help deciding. Gifted physical healers (medical doctors) rarely donate their services, spiritual healers are not obligated to do so either.

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