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The stiffer ones may be above the headers protecting components, and may not need to be removed for mods. What part of your exhaust system was cracked, and do we have heat shields around the headers? The area that was broken or cracked were the bands that secure the muffler components together.

The bow is made out of a long piece of beech wood with two side bars to the right and left which hold the rubber bands.
I had the heat shields off for a muffler upgrade and had the sound before and after the install.
Rotating the Buzzing Bow in the air causes the rubber bands to vibrate, creating a buzzing sound. Reducing the volume, contrast and brightness can also help.DLP stands for Digital Light Processing. May I suggest inspecting the heat shields specifically the more solid sheet metal types that may be around the headers (if we have them).

The flexible ones around the exhaust mufflers may not be the culprit, but I'd check those as well to be sure they're not in contact with anything that may produce the buzz. With these TVs, people should only be able to hear the color wheel when turning the TV on and off.

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