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You appear to be using an ad blocker that prevents us from serving banner ads on our site. For many of us, there are few things more painful than hearing a recording of our own voices. Every sound we hear—birds chirping, bees buzzing, people talking, and recordings—is a wave of pressure moving through the air. It is sometimes hard to have a hearing issue like when you have a cold and you really can’t hear so much.
Tinnitus is a very difficult condition wherein people hear strange sounds from within their ear. People who are affected by this hearing disorder may experience hearing distinct whispers, sound of a snake that is hissing, or the sound of the wind or a wave, or a sound of an insect buzzing and the condition is described as spasmodic and irregular. It is very funny to note that the same Tinnitus symptoms are actually symptoms in themselves.
The inner ear doesn’t get stimulated only by external sound waves coming down the ear canal, though. When you speak, vibrations from your vocal cords resonate in your throat and mouth, and some get transmitted and conducted by the bones in your neck and head.
This combination of vibrations coming to the inner ear by two different paths gives your voice (as you normally hear it) a unique character that other, “air only” sounds don’t have.
There will be some things that you will have a hard time doing like balancing yourself and responding to an important question in the office.

It is spasmodic in the sense that the condition can be recurring or attacks in irregular patterns. It also picks up on vibrations happening inside the body, and it's a combination of these two things that makes up the sound you hear when you talk. The inner ear responds to these just like any other vibrations, turning them into electrical signals and sending them to the brain. In particular, your bones enhance deeper, lower-frequency vibrations and give your voice a fuller, bassier quality that’s lacking when you hear it on a recording. We depend on revenue from ads to keep the site running, and we always make sure they're not intrusive. They strike the ear drum, which starts vibrating, and those vibrations travel to the inner ear, where they’re translated into signals that can be sent via the auditory nerve to the brain for interpretation. You are more likely to call in sick if something is wrong with your usual functions let alone have a hard time hearing your boss.
Most of these people experience hearing difficulties and cannot hear external sounds clearly. This is why most of the people who go to the ENT doctor will be referred further in the hospitals.
They strike the ear drum, which starts vibrating, and those vibrations travel to the inner ear, where they’re translated into signals that can be sent via the auditory nerve to the brain for interpretation. Whenever you speak, your inner ear is stimulated both by internal vibrations in your bones and by the sound coming out of your mouth and traveling through the air and into the ears.

The tape (or mp3) doesn’t lie, though, and the way we think we sound isn’t how we really sound to everyone else.
All you hear is the muffled sound of the radio, and you can’t hear the sounds very clearly. Other tinnitus symptoms can be someone humming a tune, a clock that is ticking loudly, or you hear someone that is whistling. The main reason for this is because the symptoms may be leading to a further diagnosis and you will need to be examined much more than you have expected. This is a cruel trick that happens because of the ways that sounds can travel to our inner ear. For most people that are affected by this disorder, the reactions can be seen by the movement of their eyes, shoulders, the tongue and the jaw.
You have to really not take this lightly and just dismiss it as something that will just go away in time. Some of these sounds differ in pitch; some sounds can be of high pitch or low pitch depending on the intensity of the attack. What you can do is to just submit yourself to the tests that the doctors will recommend for you so you can get a full grasp of what‘s really happening and eliminate these things right away.

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