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Muting and changing levels in alsamixer changes noise but the main noise does not go away or change. Unplugging the laptop adapter from socket changes noise level to more lower level but again it is still there.
NOTE: If you DO NOT hear a buzzing sound after unplugging the power cable from the laptop then you have a grounding problem.
Does the Home Theater, TV or Speakers you connect the laptop to make an unusual buzzing sound all by themselves (Without connecting them to the laptop at all). If you get a clue from unplugging the power cable from the Laptop then your problem is grounding the laptop correctly. If you get more clues from the actual device that outputs the sound (TV, Home theater, Speaker System) then that might be the problem.
CONCLUSION - If in MOST cases you DO have a buzzing sound, this is because (most probably) electrical (not grounding the PC) problems.
Plugging out the laptop power cable solved it for me even though the cable seems to be properly grounded. In cases like here where I live, the socket might be a grounding socket but the room, house, apartment might not be correctly grounded (or not grounded at all, just showing the grounding socket for our viewing pleasure).
Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged soundcard or ask your own question. Why does one of the X-wing pilots scream "YEEEEEEESSSSSS" in the Battle of Yavin? Apr 6, 2016 By Tuan Do Leave a CommentI’ve tested dozens of headphones but the Puro Sound Labs BT2200 is the first one built for kids. These are Bluetooth headphones, so you can easily pair it with your smartphone and listen to music wirelessly.
Another nice feature that Puro advertised is ambient noise attenuation that can block 82% of sound at 1 kHz.
I was excited to try the Puro Sound Labs BT2200 because it is not cheap and more importantly, it is said to deliver a studio-grade sound. The Puro Sound Labs BT2200 is actually a good choice for your kids as it is durable, produces a fun sound and doesn’t damage their ears.

I've tested dozens of headphones but the Puro Sound Labs BT2200 is the first one built for kids. Wireless connectivity allows the hearing aid user to do more with their hearing aids and to wirelessly connect to the world around them.
Whatever the need, Hearing Consultants of Colorado Springs has a wide variety of wireless options to help. Control your hearing experiences with Halo, the breakthrough Made for iPhone® Hearing Aid, and TruLink™, Starkey’s personalized hearing control app. Go anywhere and do everything with our breakthrough Made for iPhone® Hearing Aids and TruLink™, the easy-to-use hearing control app.
The new ConnectLine App for iPhone® is compatible with our new Streamer Pro 1.2, providing a complete hearing solution that delivers excellent sound quality, discreet volume control and seamless toggling between programs at the touch of a finger. M-DEX offers wireless connectivity between hearing aids and a mobile phone, practically turning the hearing aids into wireless headsets. With the TV-DEX you can enjoy distortion-free wireless transmission of TV sound directly to your hearing aids. My problem is I have constant noise on my headphone although all sound channels and microphone is muted from alsamixer. If you do not hear it from the internal speakers and only from the cables you might be getting cable noise. If you get more clues from when testing the software the problem might be old hardware, the cables inside the laptop that take care of sound, keys pressed and data in general or a driver issue.
So how does it protect their ears and will the feature make it an exciting gift for your children? Many people thought that these are active noise-cancelling headphones but they are actually not. At Hearing Consultants of Colorado Springs, we work with all major hearing aid manufacturers to provide the greatest selection of wireless options.
This new wireless solution is compatible with all Oticon wireless hearing instruments and styles.
Simply plug the mini-jack cable into your mobile phone or audio device, hang the UNI-DEX around your neck, and you are ready to go.

If you find that one of the bars starts lowering the buzzing sound you have found the problem.
This does not mean that cable noise is the only problem but it may add to the whole buzzing problem. The Bluetooth button can be found on the left earcup, along with the built-in microphone, volume rocker, power switch, charging port and audio jack.
They use just the cushion and closed-back design to block noise, so the performance is not on the same level as the Audio Technica ATH-ANC9 ($152) or Bose QC25 ($299). Wireless connectivity allows you to connect to your cell phone or landline phone in both ears and improve what you want to hear right through your hearing aids. Enjoy phone calls, music, videos and more streamed directly into your ears with pristine sound quality — no background buzzing and whistling. Also check how many seconds passed after closing the Sound Setting Window did the buzzing start again. The bass is quite prominent even at low volume, so I didn’t really enjoy my music sometimes. For the speakers you just need to have them unplugged from the PC and just put the volume to the max. Therefore, they are not loud as most other headphones, even when I turn the volume all the way up on both my phone and the headphones. Wireless connectivity allows you to connect directly to the TV through your hearing aids and improve your enjoyment of your favorite programs.
Do any of this start making a buzzing sound, maybe lighter than the actual buzzing problem but still coming from this devices?.
The materials seem to be similar to the Master & Dynamic headphones I reviewed lately but they are actually quite different. Wireless connectivity allows you to improve the signal that you want to hear over the noise for greater clarity.

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