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Research and extensive studies have concluded that loud music does not only cause tinnitus but also triggers and increases the severity of the condition. If you love swimming or you’re visiting the beach it is essential that you carry ear plugs with you.
You may love coffee or caffeinated drinks but studies have shown that caffeine, hyper-stimulates the auditory follicles thereby causing the ringing in the ears.
Using cator oil to treat tinnitus is a traditional approach but has proved beneficial to many. Some studies have determined that the right acupuncture treatment can help you get rid off this problem. The non-stopping and irritating “buzz” in the ears hampers normal life and is enough to drive someone insane. But there are several natural remedies that can bail you out that too without undergoing surgery or harmful medication.

The force of the water or the chlorine in the pool is known to irritate the auditory cells thereby triggering tinnitus. Pour 3 drops of castor oil in each ear with the help of a dropper and use ear plugs to plug the ears.Do this every night before going to bed.
If your body has low magnesium level, the blood vessels tend to constrict, reducing the blood circulation in the brain. The extracts from this herb contain flavonoids which serve as natural antioxidants.It helps by improving blood circulation to the brain. Acupunture can cure tinnitus by acting on the cochlea, releasing immune-modulatory chemicals to reduce inflammation and improve circulation.
You can also use rosemary especially if you have high blood pressure (high B.P can also trigger tinnitus).

The acupuncture points that the therapist may start the therapy on are- ear points, scalp points, San Jao, Gallbladder 43 and Kidney 3 and 6.
This nutrient aids in the manufacture of the myelin sheath which protects and repairs damaged nerve cells.

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